Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Planning a Vegetable Garden & A Shout Out to My Sis

Even though it's still months away, I can't stop thinking about summer. Maybe it has something to do with buying our camper, or watching Addie walk around the house in her swimsuit, or looking at pictures from my brother and sis-in-law's farm...but whatever it is, I am READY for the next season. I am ready for some sunshine and outdoor fun!

But since none of that can happen right now, I am doing the next best thing.

PLANNING for summer.

Oh how I love planning and making lists. I have already started our camper notebook and now Eric and I are starting to brainstorm other plans, like putting together a vegetable garden again this year. We had quite the garden a few years ago and had a pretty good crop of goodies!

But gardening is a lot of work. We couldn't keep up with the weeds or animals and we planted WAY too many things and it all just got out of control. That mess actually scared me away from the garden for the last two years but not having fresh veggies to go pick was kind of sad. And now that Addie is old enough to be a great gardener herself, I thought this was the perfect year to start it up again.

But honestly...I don't know where to start! I know I only want to plant things we will actually eat, and I only want to plant as much as we have room for. The PERFECT person for me to call right now is my sis Diana, but she is a working machine for the next 5 weeks and I know she is just as sad about that as I am :(

In fact, there are a million things I want to call and chat with her about! I mean, you know her and my brother Adam were the first RV owners in the family, right? This is their beauty...

Man we had some fun times in that thing...

The nights were the best. Di and I would sit around and have a drink...

While the guys lounged and smoked cigars :-)

These two have been contemplating selling their camper but I simply can't let that happen now!!! We need our RV buddies!!!

So sis...I know you are living in a work haze right now but just keep marking off the days. Spring is gonna be here before know it!!! I say we mark the occasion with a HUGE glass of wine...and our garden planners. Miss and love ya!


  1. Miss ya too, Di!! and tell those local 174"s what I think!

  2. Your vegetables look so GOOD! My husband & I have had a garden the last two years, but like you have had a little trouble keeping up with it. We mostly end up with a lot of okra, cucumbers & squash. We did get a few watermelons last year.

    I'm jealous of your RV :) My husband wants one, too. Maybe one day!

  3. So I haven't been able to read for awhile but I finally caught up and saw that you bought an RV! Congratulations!! That is SO fun. Can't wait to hear all about the fun you guys have in it!!

  4. We did a square foot garden last year. It was perfect! We had just enough and it was easy to take care of. I think I'm going in that direction again this year.


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