Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Thoughts & The Comics to Go With Them

I've been really enjoying running lately (when I manage to get on the treadmill) and I find the wine I drink later that night twice as satisfying :-)

I just got a coupon for $100 off a $300 purchase at Coach. I haven't bought a new Coach purse in like...3 years? This coupon would have sent me running for the closest store immediately but when I got it in the mail I thought, "I would rather spend $200 at the Container Store." I'm gonna lose some friends with that one.

Breaking Dawn comes out on DVD this coming week and I thought I would be more pumped about it. What's wrong with me? Maybe I am losing interest because I am in the middle of The Hunger Games. 

I just graded the first stack of papers from my students this semester and I was blown away. They were FANTASTIC!! It seems God is answering my prayers for a better class this semester. So far anyway :)

This makes me think of my friend Linsey because we are notorious for this. Ha! And we both heart Ryan.

I had really nice boobs before having kids. That is all.

Do you ever surprise yourself by handling a rather challenging day without yelling or losing your mind? That's happening today and I'm kinda freaked out. Ha! Even Addie said, "Why are you laughing? Blake is a bad boy for throwing your lipgloss in the toilet." was MAC lipgloss.

Well friends...I am off to teach! Happy Thursday!


  1. These were awesome! Sent that first one to a bunch of friends I'm drinking margaritas with tonight!

    Heather @ Chronicles Of An Independent Spinster

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