Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Recap & The Month to Come

Happy Monday everyone...if there is such a thing :-) Today is actually a happy Monday for me because we accomplished so much over the weekend. Isn't that the best feeling? Having to-do lists checked off and being prepared for the week to come? 

We actually have a lot going on the entire month of March, including a preschool field trip, recital costume pick-up, charity projects, the Shamrock Shuffle 8K and FOUR birthday parties, starting with Addie's this weekend. WHEW!!

And speaking of birthdays, we were able to celebrate Papa's birthday (again) yesterday and we had a nice time. None of the adults felt "picture ready" so I was only able to capture the birthday boy and two of his grandbabies.

These kids love them some cake :-)

Blake got to make Papa's wish and I am pretty sure that what he wished for was to have the RV back in our driveway. was a sad day around the Davis household when Eric had to take our camper to storage for the rest of the winter :-( I still see Addie staring longingly out the window. I feel it too baby girl...but Mommy needed her parking space back and the neighbors were going to report us soon. Ha! May will be here before we know it though! One of the things Eric and I worked on this weekend was a "Camper Binder" and I am SHOCKED by how excited Eric was to work on it. We are certainly a match made in O.C.D. heaven :-)

And speaking of getting work done, I have been a digital crafting machine lately. I can't wait to show you how Addie's "Minnie & Mickey Mousekersize" invitation, toppers and favors came together. We are having her party at a gym and since she wanted some sort of Minnie theme, I thought it was perfect! I have also been working on some new Home Management Binder printables for spring and summer, a few tags/toppers/craft ideas for St. Patty's Day AND some RV printables. Oh yeah...just incase any of you other campers out there want an RV/camping binder of your own. Ha! Oh, and as you can see, I finally updated my blog! I was SO OVER snow and anything post-christmasy. This is much better :-)

Alright friends, I would love to chat more, but I need to tackle my next room for 40 Days/40 Bags. I am already ahead with almost 10 "bags" and I am feeling great. I have had lots of friends and family offer to contribute to some of my donation boxes which is wonderful too. I will be sure to do a little update on my progress this Wednesday :-) Chat with you soon!


  1. I wish I was in the city to run the race! Hopefully next year. Glad you are making progress on the 40 in 40. I need to start ASAP. Moving day is in 2 months!

  2. What a busy bee you will be this March! Whoo! Only one birthday for us, March is pretty quiet for us. Oh, and cute decor change around here!

    Cassandra ♥


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