Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We're Just a Little Excited

Okay...we admit it. We are just a little excited about this whole owning a camper thing. The kids are young, we probably won't leave Illinois this summer and we are YEARS away from doing any serious cross-country road tripping. But that isn't stopping us from daydreaming about all the trips to come.

And of course, that is not stopping me from doing some organizing and planning. We will be using the camper a lot this summer and from what my SIL Di has told me...a lot of planning goes into even the shortest of camping trips. We have to pack, grocery shop, get the camper ready, etc. So, with all that in mind, I started making some printables for our awesome RV/Camping Binder (pictured above).

I know not everyone is that into camping and not all of us have RVs, but for those of you that do, I wanted to share the printables I put together. The packing lists I think will work for any family summer vacation, so be sure to check those out. The binder cover sheet, inventory sheet and grocery list are very camper specific, but hopefully helpful :-) You can find them all here.

So...is anyone else gearing up for any fun summer plans? Anyone planning a big vacation or spending some time out of town? It may seem far away, but it's always fun to dream. It really will be here before we know it!

{All of my printables are free and I am happy to share. Just make sure that you credit me for their creation and link to my blog when sharing with others. It is not okay to post them as your own or sell them. Also, if you would like to purchase your own camping clip art to make your own printables and scrapbooks, be sure to check out Scrappin Doodles for some adorable stuff. Thanks so much!! Enjoy!}


  1. How cute! If I were camping I would totally use these, I'm so obsessed with list and organizing that these would be right down my alley. ;)

  2. Your binder is ADORABLE!!! The clip art is SO you! I think I'm going camping this summer too! Hum, wonder where?

  3. So cute! You guys will make such great memories!

  4. I think I'd like to get an RV just so I can use the cute printables :)

  5. Great Idea! We are planning our next camping trip, coming up in late April. I'm going to implement your wonderful ideas - especially the Camper Inventory. Thanks!

  6. Found your blog on Pinterest... We are driving across Canada this summer ( through 6 provinces ) with a teen & a young adult, in a small car , with a large tent & lots of gear. Should be an amazing experience !


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