Monday, March 5, 2012

40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge Update

I know we are only 13 days into Lent, but I have been a woman on a mission. Today, I reached my half way goal of 20 "bags" of stuff that will be donated, sold, recycled or sent to the trash. Just reading my list makes me feel good...

But actually seeing all of my progress feels even better. To think that I will soon be free of all this stuff...

And this isn't even all of it!! I have a corner of my basement filled with larger items/baby stuff/toys that I don't want the kids to see and try to re-claim, so I have covered it with a sheet. I still have bathrooms to go through and some of Eric's clothes, but other than that, I have been through every other area of my house so far! Eric and I realized this weekend that we better go through my car (scary!!) and his garage before we can say we are "done". 

A lot of my donations will be sent to their charities next week after I am able to do all of my pick-ups from family and friends willing to contribute. And of course, whatever doesn't sell in our April garage sale will be part of another donation. I am not bringing ANYTHING back in the house this time. Period :-)

In addition to working really hard on 40 Days/40 Bags, I've also managed to clear out the upstairs playroom! It is in the process of being patched and primed for a new paint job. I can't wait!! And I am happy to report that all of the toys we are keeping have found good homes in either Addie or Blake's bedrooms, or the basement play area. We spent some time organizing and getting things all set up for them down there and I have to say...they are not missing their old playroom AT ALL! How could they with a play area like this?

And that's just one corner. We also have a sitting area, a TV and plenty of floor space for riding bikes, cars and scooters and room for Addie to roller-skate :-) The kids may move into the basement. Ha! anyone else doing this challenge for Lent? Or is anyone just in major spring cleaning mode? It's going to be warm the next two days and I think the cherry on my cleaning sundae will be to FINALLY open some windows around here. Woohoo!!


  1. What an accomplishment!!! You've made great progress :)

  2. I cleanen/purged our bathroom and closet this weekend and it felt SO GOOD. Junk be gone!! I need to do it in the rest of the house!


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