Sunday, March 4, 2012

Addie's Minnie & Mickey "Mousekersize" Birthday Party!

This weekend, we celebrated my little peanut's 4th birthday! The big day is actually Wednesday, but this party was a great way to kick off her week of fun. Here she is in her party outfit...

Addie had MANY birthday party theme ideas for this year. First it was a Pinkalicious party, then it was a Tinkerbell party, then a Minnie's Bowtique party and finally...she decided to have a party that girls AND boys would like. After watching an episode of Mickey's Mousekersize, she said "THAT'S IT! I want a Minnie and Mickey Mousekersize party!" And so the theme was decided and it was actually pretty perfect, since we had just booked her party at a gym near us. 

In case you don't watch Disney Channel 24/7 like we do, Mickey's Mousekercise is a little segment they do in-between shows to get kids up and moving. Minnie and Mickey and the gang all do some sort of exercise together and kids are suppose to follow along. Cute huh?

Designing invitations was a little harder than I thought it would be, but because my brother Ryan is a whiz at photoshop, he helped me out a lot. Thanks dude!

The invitation may have been work, but finding Minnie and Mickey party favors was a breeze. I found these great water bottles at Party City and just filled them with candy and little goodies. Then I wrapped them in star baggies (which I also got at Party City), tied them with some ribbon and made name tags. Done and done :-)

Mr. Photoshop also helped me with the clip art for the cupcake toppers, and I think they came out pretty cute! I also had Uncle Joe over to help me bake all the cupcakes again. It's becoming a new tradition with us :-)

And of course, what's a party without balloons?!

So like I said, Addie's party was at a great gym near us and they had SO many fun things to play on.

Even baby Owen had a spot to play.

This was one of the first years where all of the kids (minus baby O) were old enough to run around by themselves. We were there to supervise of course, but they could pretty much climb and play on anything they wanted. It was so fun watching them go wild :-)

The gym had this awesome trapeze that the kids could swing from into this huge pit of foam blocks. Nia Beans went first...

I thought Blake wanted to go next, but he was just checkin things out.

So Nolan took his turn...and he didn't leave the foam pit for the rest of the party. Ha!

It was Gracie's favorite spot too.

Like Blake, Evie was cool just watching at first.

But not Cole! He dove right in. No trapeze needed.

Still unsure.

The birthday girl's turn!

We have video of this dismount and it is hilarious.

While the other kids lived it up in the foam, Blakester just ran around with Uncle Ryan. 

And Owen just chilled with Nana on his mat.

It wasn't until almost half way through the party that Blake and Cole discovered the trampoline. And so they bounced...

And bounced...

And bounced. 

The girls also discovered the balance beam and Nia was a natural.

Addie needed a little help from Daddy, but she made it across.

So then there's these two chicks...who decided they weren't too old to jump in the foam pit.

This may be the funniest picture from the party. I am on the left, ready to pee my pants, Dana is head first in the foam with her legs in the air and then there's Nolan doing a muscle man pose in the back. HILARIOUS!

It really was fun...and we might have done it another 10 times :-)

Like I said...Nolan never left the foam pit.

Well, except to go get silly with his mama.

After Dana and I took our dive, my brother Ryan, my cousin Kris and her hubby Chuck all took a turn. You can see Krissy's big jump on her blog. Ha!

I was so glad the adults were having just as much fun as the kids.

Well, the girls may have been having more fun than anyone. They must have gone down this slide together 20 times.

And by together...I do mean together.

I am so over my camera. These shots are blurry but I just had to post them because they make me laugh every time.

Here is a larger shot of the gym looking from our party room.

Can you spot Cole in the foam pit?

After working up a big appetite from all that running around, we headed to the party room. Here is our spread...

And my fabulous Target find. These Minnie and Mickey bowls could not have been more perfect. We can use them later for popcorn and snack bowls.

Aside from cute little Nolan right there, the kids were not into pizza. They just wanted the good stuff.

And by good stuff I mean CUPCAKES!!! Isn't my birthday girl precious in this picture?

There were many gift pictures, but I thought this one summed up the whole event. Lots of helpers, paper flying everywhere and me attempting to mediate :-)

And of course, we ended the party with lots of hugs :-)

And speaking of generous, you can't imagine the loot she got from one little party. Everyone spoiled her rotten. But some of our first played with items are our Legos from Nana and Papa and Aunt Meagan and Uncle Ryan...

We also had to try on our nightgown and sleeping mask...

And do an earring fashion show. Aunt Dana and Aunt Meagan picked out some adorable sets and it was the first time Addie would let me change her earrings after getting them pierced! So excited to try them all on.

And just when she thought the celebrating was over for the weekend, Great Grandma and Grandpa Davis showed up with MORE presents!!

Like I said...she is one lucky peanut :-)

It's hard to believe that after all that celebrating, Addie's birthday isn't even here yet!!! Lots more fun to come this week, so I guess I better get my bootie to bed. Happy Sunday Everyone! And thanks so much to all our wonderful family and friends who came out to celebrate with us. Love you all!!


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