Thursday, March 8, 2012

Birthday Success

I am so tired right now I could pass out in mid sentence. It's been a 5-day marathon of Addie Birthday fun and as wonderful as it has been, I am EXHAUSTED!!! And it's my own fault. I'm the one who keeps making a big deal about it. I love making my kid's birthdays special but I tend to go overboard.

Just a little.

 But after several emotional breakdowns this evening (from her and Blake) I knew my baby girl was partied out. She even asked me at bedtime if her birthday was over yet. Ha!

But all emotional breakdowns aside, she had one heck of a birthday.

Eric and I saved our gifts so that she could open them first thing in the morning.

But this guy was the first one up! I couldn't believe. I thought for sure Addie would be jumping in my bed at the crack of dawn.

We actually had to go wake the birthday girl up! She was already getting phone calls and she was still snoozing away. But nothing wakes you up faster than the thought of your brother opening all of YOUR gifts.

Watching Addie open presents is just hilarious. She is FULL of facial expressions. 

Spoiled much?

And speaking of spoiled...not 2 minutes after Addie got done opening gifts...Nana showed up with a little birthday breakfast surprise...

For both of the kiddies.

And for us :-)

And really...what donut is complete without another FREAKING tea party. Sorry. Couldn't help it. We've had 36 tea parties today. No joke.

The frosting around Blake's face was all that was left of the donut. Holy moly...what a piggie.

I made a promise to Addie today that since we were staying home, I would play whatever she wanted to play. No checking my phone (when she was looking) and no getting distracted by projects or cleaning (when she was looking).

And she liked that idea.

And so we played ALL. DAY. LONG. I even put on one of my dresses to play dress-up. But then my friend Barb called and said she would be dropping Addie's cake off and I could NOT let her see my winter white legs sticking out of my dress. Ha!

When Barb offered to make Addie a Minnie Cake, I knew that it was going to be cute. She does amazing work. But seriously..."cute" doesn't even cut it. Just LOOK at this adorable thing!!!

Addie thought it was the coolest cake ever.

She even wanted to pose with her new Minnie doll.

I really can't get over how much work that must have taken, and yet Barb was like, "It was nothing". Gotta love her. Have I ever mentioned how lucky I am to have so many talented friends and family members? And listen...if you live near us...Barb is for hire people :-)

So the rest of my day is a blur. Making Potroast for dinner (Addie's favorite. She calls it "tasty meat"), cleaning the house for our family (who came over to celebrate with Addie tonight), getting together her treats for school tomorrow (she is the special person for her b-day) and of course vlogging :-) And then once I put the kids to bed, I had to grade another 10 essays, which is why I am blogging at almost midnight. I want to take the day off tomorrow (aside from teaching my class of course). I want to wake up and drink my coffee sitting down. Just for tomorrow. And then Friday I can get back to work. I just need to reboot...and so do the kids. It's the day after a birthday party which means it's DETOX TIME!

But not before one last slice of cake :-)

Thanks so much for all the WONDERFUL birthday wishes for Addie and for all your sweet comments about my silly Vlog. It was embarrassing and fun all at the same time. And of course, thanks to our amazing friends and family for making Addie's birthday so darn special. Barb...that cake really made the day. Love you guys!!!


  1. Happy Birthday, sweet Addie!

    What ANOTHER cute post! No wonder you're pooped out! I swear you're superwoman! haha

    Loved the post, loved the tea party comment, loved the polka dot rain boots and I'm jealous of the super awesome cake. It looks delicious (Barb, would you consider travelling to England? Pretty please? With sugar? haha)

  2. your children are adorable. I have a blake who is turning 5 this summer. I was blog surfing and just wanted to comment that your blog is really cute. good work momma. =)


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