Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blake's "New" Room

Even though we still have a crib up in our house, it's clear that my babies are growing up. I can still remember the day we finished Blake's nursery and I posted a bunch of these pictures on my blog. I was so happy with how it turned out.

I spent MANY hours in that rocking chair and changed many diapers on that changing table. I loved the blue on Blake's walls and the little airplanes flying above. It was the perfect nursery to me...bright and cheery.

But my baby boy is growing up. He still loves his cars, trucks, trains and planes, so I decided to keep most of his theme the same when we moved him into his new room. I am still in love with the gas pump bookshelf my Dad made and I still love the transportation pictures that hang all over his room. I wasn't ready to give all that up. But...it was clear we needed to make a few changes.

For one thing...I was over those blue walls. OVER them. Also, I no longer needed a rocking chair for late night feeding sessions so we moved that out and brought in a play table. I went more neutral with the walls, but added some trim and a strip of blue for some color (and by "I" I mean my Dad and Eric :-).

There is just no way to get a good picture of his new room, but you get the idea. This still doesn't feel like a major room change since Blake is still in his crib (and will remain there until he crawls out or can't fit in it anymore). I think the fun pictures will come down the road when we finally graduate to his big boy bed. Nana is already planning to make a quilt :-)

I have to say, now that the room change has been made, I am SO HAPPY I decided to do this. I love having the kids across from each other and I think they like it too. They have been spending lots of time playing in each other's rooms and when Addie got a little jealous about Blake getting a "new" room, I decided to finally get her the new duvet I have been eyeing up at Pottery Barn Kids FORVER!! I think it really makes her room :-)

Tinkerbell and Rapunzel are digging it too :-)

So...now that I have both kiddies situated and happy in their rooms, it's time to start planning MY ROOM! My office/craft room that is. I have too many ideas floating around but I need to start nailing some things down. This is where the real fun begins :-)


  1. Awww, I love it! Sydney has been in a toddler bed for over year and I have loved it. But when we move we have a full sized day bed that we want to refinish and maybe go ahead and make the change to a big big-girl bed. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. This will mean new bedding and everything. But it will be a new room in a new house in a new state. So maybe making it a big girl room is a good idea. Lol

  2. Tiffany...that is a BIG change! But how exciting!! I am SUPER nervous about Blake being in a big boy bed, so I think we may just start with him in a toddler bed (by converting his crib). At least to start. But I am looking forward to getting new bedding and making it a REAL big boy room :-) Good luck with your move when the time comes!

  3. Super cute! I LOVE the two tone walls. It is sad when they start growing up!

  4. I love the transition! Very cute and suits a little boy perfectly!

  5. We were driving somewhere when I originally read this post. I literally turned to Brandon and said: "Jen makes me look like the laziest SOB EVER." Then I asked if he remembered Blake's original room and COULD HE BELIEVE she has done it again already!? I still have freaking boxes that need to be unpacked since we moved 10mos ago! WTF? I need an ounce of your OCDness and energy.

    The room is awesome. I love it! I love the two toned and how you used trim on it. I will definitely be looking back on this when I get to decorating rooms. I always wish we had white millwork and I wish we didn't have vaulted ceilings sometimes bc I would love some crown molding. But, using trim like this looks great! :)

  6. Do you have a link to or know how the gas pump bookshelf was made? I am wondering specifically about how the hose and handle were made. It is really cute, and I was thinking of fashioning something like that for my son's room in the near future. Thanks so much, love reading your blog!


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