Friday, March 23, 2012

Good Thing I'm Not "THAT" 30-Something Woman...

Feeling a little jealous this morning that I couldn't make the show, I watched some footage of the opening night of The Hunger Games movie and saw a bunch of 30-something women wearing Peeta t-shirts.

I thought to myself,

What self-respecting mother would actually wear a movie t-shirt to the theater??

Oh wait...

Well it was only that one time...

Okay...maybe two times. least I didn't completely embarrass myself by making out with a cardboard cut-out of the characters or something like that...


Oh well. Guess I should go out and buy my Hunger Games  t-shirt before all the other 30-something women snatch them up :-)

Happy Hunger Games my fellow young-adult-fiction-loving friends!


  1. I was sad I couldn't make the midnight show, but I'm going tonight and am SO FREAKING EXCITED!

    This movie looks ridiculously awesome.

  2. Haha! I LOVE this post. It truly made me laugh out loud sitting in my living room. I want to read he hook before seeing the movie and I don't even have the book yet so it will be a while. Lol

  3. This post made be laugh out loud...literally :) I was so bummed that I didn't make it to the midnight showing either. Although I never got into the Twilight hype, I'm loving the Hunger Games series. Oh, and I will be seeing the movie asap!

  4. How cute! I love this post. I do crazy things like that, too. I like to think I'm still young at heart...and one of THE cool mamas. My kids love it now, but they will hate it later. ;)

  5. I'm there with you!! And thank you for not posting the picture of me making out with Harry!

  6. OK, I just found your blog and have to be a fan. I remember going to see HP and the Deathly Hallows at midnight with a HP shirt stretched over my pregnant belly just last year. Ah . . . good times. :)


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