Friday, March 9, 2012

A Great Swimsuit for the Active Mommy

I realize that choosing a swim suit is a pretty personal thing. One suit can look stunning on one person, and completely hideous on another. We all have different bodies to work with and different assets to accentuate (or hide). That is exactly why I didn't use the word "Perfect" in my title...because this suit may only be perfect to me and the criteria I had for choosing one this year.

But if you share some of that criteria, this may be the suit for you too! Here is what I was looking for:

* Two-piece tankini.
One-piece suits don't fit my long body and I am just not down with rocking a bikini.

*Excellent Support
The "girls" aren't what they used to be so I wanted a suit that would keep them contained (no Janet Jackson moments), but also make them look nice...not all smashed like in a sports bra. Overall, I was looking for "Sexy Momma".

* Non-Maternity
What I notice about a lot of tankinis now is this swing-top, baby doll style which is very cute (and I do own 2 like it), but I wanted something a little more fitted and curvy this year. I feel like the other style just makes me look like I'm rocking a maternity suit, even though I'm not preggers.

* Mix-And-Match Color Options
It can get quite pricey buying several swim suits (if you are someone who likes options) so I like when suits offer mix-and-match color options so that if I like it, I can get one neutral bottom to go with different tops.

* Good Quality
No offense to Target or Old Navy. I own several suits from both places and although they are very cute and incredibly reasonable in price....they just don't hold up. And that didn't matter to me when I was fluctuating in size because I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a suit I might not wear the next year. But this year I know I am the size I am going to be for a while so I am willing to make the investment. Plus, it's an incentive to stay in shape.

* Classic Style
There are so many adorable trendy suits out there. Lots of ruffles and vintage styles that look SO CUTE on the model. I was tempted to order many of these, but I know that a more classic, simple style is the way to go for me this year. I don't need to draw attention to any part of my body with massive ruffles. Or fringe.

So after trying a few different suits this year, I finally came across one that is PERFECT for me!! It's from and in comparison to some of the other suits I looked at it, it's still pretty reasonable in price (for a nicer quality suit). This is the top I chose, called the Shirrendipity Halter...

And these are the bottoms, called Notsostring...

They actually cover my ENTIRE booty but still look cute...not like grannie panties.

This is probably the first time that I have actually liked a bathing suit since having kids. I feel like I can chase the kids around the beach in this and not have my "Berts and Ernie" hanging out (if you watch Cougar totally get that). They also have a ton of great colors so you are sure to find a set you like.

Now, even though I am loving my suit, I still need a cute cover-up. I have been eyeing this Splendid Cotton Cover-up up at Garnet Hill and now that I finally have a 20% off coupon...I just might get it :-)

So...has anyone else tried on a swim suit this year? Any luck?

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  1. oh my god, i don't even want to think about buying a swimsuit! i better start though, summer will be here before i know it!


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