Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Goals

I know you all have a calendar, but in case you didn't notice, today is MARCH 1st!!!! We are thiiiiiiis close to spring my friends. So very happy about that :-) But like I said in my last post, March is a busy month for us so achieving my goals will be a challenge. But here is what's on my list (notice how I actually wrote them in my Erin Condren planner):

1. Register for the Rock & Roll Half Marathon

It's time for me to commit. The half marathon is July 22nd and I need to just register and be done with it.

2. Create a My Memories Suite tutorial

SO many people have been asking me how I create all my printables using MMS and I think it's finally time I put this tutorial together. I promise I will have it done this month. I hope :-)

3. Finish Blake's Bedroom Move I said I was going to move slowly with this whole room swap project but Eric and I decided this week that moving Blake into his new room while he is still in his crib may be a good idea. One adjustment at a time for the little guy. I don't want to have a room change, big boy bed transition and potty training all happening at once so at least if we can have him in his new room by April, we can move on to the next step in May. Believe it or not, the playroom is almost empty which means I need to decide on paint!!

4. Box-up and Deliver Donations

This whole 40 Days/40 Bags challenge is going GREAT! I promised an update this week but I still need to take pictures of the progress. I have had several friends, family members and neighbors drop off shoes this week for the Donate Your Old Shoes donation I am working on. I am already filling a SECOND box, which is just amazing. Can't wait to show you how it's going.

5. Begin Garage Sale Prep

We decided to join in on our community garage sale this year, even though I swore I would NEVER do one again. It really is the best way to move some of our larger items that we want to get rid of and if they don't sell, several donation trucks actually drive around the day after the sale picking up furniture and other items. So really, it's a win/win. We sell what we can, and donate the rest. I just have to somehow get rid of my hoarding tendencies before April. Ha!

6. Clean up yard

We really didn't do the best job pruning and cleaning up our yard at the end of fall, but I like to have a fresh  slate for all those beautiful tulips to pop through!! It could get as warm as 65 degrees next week so I know what the kids and I will be tackling that day!!

So yeah...lots to accomplish in between all our birthday celebrations, but just writing it down makes me feel better. What does everyone else have on their goal list this month?


  1. I love goal setting it keeps me motivated! Good luck lady ;)

  2. I am loving number two!! Can't wait! Loved yesterday's picture; so cute!

  3. This is pretty much like a bucket you need to go to Jeff's blog and enter to win $500! He just asked that you write about your "bucket list" and link to him. You can see the rules on his blog.

    I wish I was signing up for a half marathon! You rock girl! I'm still trying to run down the street without dying!


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