Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Baby Forever :)

4 years ago today, I had just happily waddled home from work, took a quick belly pic...

Sat down with a delicious plate of lasagna and then...

I went into labor.

It came on fast and hard and I couldn't even finish my meal! I was like, "Mother F....."

And I used that word a lot over the next 16 hours.

I mean really...I had every right to swear a little. I was hungry, in pain and VERY anxious to meet my stubborn little peanut.

But as any mom can tell you, ALL that waiting is so worth it when you can get to do this for the first time...

And so today...4 years later...I sat with that same peanut in the drop off line at preschool. I was telling her about her birthday tomorrow and how I was so happy and sad at the same time. She asked why I was sad and I said, "Because you are getting so big! You aren't a baby anymore" and she said...

*pause while I sniffle*

"I can be your baby forever if you want."

I think I'll take you up on that offer pumpkin :-)


  1. She is such a sweet pea! Cheers to Miss Addie turning the big 4!!!! I hope she has a wonderful day!

  2. awww...happy bday to your baby girl. And ARE You KIDDING ME?!???....who looks THAT good right before giving birth!

  3. 911. That made me cry. So sweet. I can't believe she is four already! Where is the time going!? Happy Birthday Miss Addison!

  4. Oh how sweet! Great pictures of your baby!

  5. Oh my gosh...she is so sweet!


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