Monday, March 12, 2012

A Sleepover, A Quilt Show and Another Birthday

Happy Monday everyone!! Eric and I were in bed at 8:15 last night. Well, with the new time it was 9:15 (so not quite as embarrassing) but we had good reason. We have had a marathon of fun and projects for the last 8 days and this weekend wasn't any different.

For starters, we had to go to Addie's dance studio on Friday evening to buy recital tickets and pick-up costumes. We waited in line for almost TWO HOURS to get our tickets. It was like Black Friday...but less fun. Ha! At least I had Dana in line to keep me company :-)

Then on Saturday, we worked like busy little bees on Blake's new bedroom. My Dad is a rockstar so he helped with the patching and painting of the ceiling, I attacked the walls, and Eric hung new trim and put together a ceiling fan that was apparently so complicated, I heard him drop the F-bomb a few times in there. But the room is done and once I can get to shampooing the carpets, Blake will be ready to move in! I promise to show pics of that when it is finished. SO CUTE!

And then on Saturday night, I held a promise to a little sweetie that has been asking for a sleepover for months now. NO...not Addie. She gets plenty of sleepovers. I am talking about my little Nia :-)

She was SO EXCITED to come over and I think Blake was just as excited to have her :-) Well...until the girls came in to wake him up in the morning.

But he got over it and spent the morning on Nia's lap watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates...

While Daddy (A.K.A. Uncle Eric) cooked them a FABULOUS breakfast.

Happy little customers.

I really can't get over how great the kids did, even with the time change. They slept all night without a peep and woke up happy and ready for more fun!

After we took Nia home, we picked up my Grandma and headed over to my Mom's quilt show!

When I was younger, I used to make fun of my mom (just a little) for being a quilter. Okay...I still make fun of her sometimes but it is ONLY because she is such a good sport :-) Quilting is my Mom's passion and she had to give it up for many years because she was too busy working full time, going back to college for her degree and putting 3 kids through college and apprenticeships. So now that she is finally retired and and able to be a part of her Quilt Guild again (as President no less :-), she is the happiest I have ever seen her. My Mom is so talented and you will see that in all the quilts she has made.

This is my favorite...

And this is one of the quilts she made for me with all of my favorite t-shirts from Junior High, High School and College :-)

Her Guild put on a great show and I was so happy Addie and I were able to be there to support her. NICE WORK MAMA!!! Love you!

And then later that afternoon, it was off to our next March birthday party!!

Audrey's theme was "My Little Pony" and Katie did a great job with the party. The weather was GORGEOUS here so the kids got to play outside the whole time. They only came in for the piƱata :-)

And of course all the loot that came out of it :-)

I still can't believe all our first babies are turning 4!!!

Time goes too fast :-)

And speaking of time, since I feel like we have been on turbo speed for the last week, I am hoping to slow down a bit today and catch up around the house. Lots to do before our preschool field trip tomorrow!!! 

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend!

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