Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Weekend in a Nutshell

* Friday night I had a special girls night with some of my favorite ladies to celebrate my cousin-in-law Maggie's 30th birthday!!! And it was so fun...I forgot to take pictures :-)

* On Saturday, Addie had her first of many rehearsals for her recital and she even gave me a sneak peak of her routine. I am not sure if it will have this many spins...

Or if they will allow her to wear BRIGHT pink undies under her tights...

But she still looked super cute practicing. The girl loves to twirl and she practically LIVES in her leotards these days. If you tell her it's time to put on real clothes, this is the face you get...

* It has not been the month for doggies around here. My sis-in-law Di lost her little Ami, and another friend of mine had to put her dog down. And then over the weekend, my sis-in-law Dana's doggie Fritz got really sick. Thankfully, he is coming around and we hope he stays that way. Our doggies mean so much to's hard to think about them not being around. Howie has been getting some SERIOUS extra love lately.

* On Sunday, I ran 5.5 miles with two of my favorite running buddies and we killed it. I can feel myself getting more confident with each run.

* The rest of the weekend was spent setting up for the garage sale. BOO! Not a fun process my friends. And now that they are calling for rain this weekend, I am a little bummed. But whether we sell our stuff or give it away, the point is that Eric and I have successfully purged our house for the year :-)

* Normally, Mondays are pretty laid back around here, especially when we are coming off a busy weekend, but today was exceptionally fun so far! We had my sweetie Marie (or Aunt Mawee) come out today to celebrate her birthday!!!

We couldn't wait to give her all her gifts and the sweet card the kids made her.

Of course, Marie didn't get to open any of her gifts. Two little helpers did it all for her.

We even made her a little scrapbook that Addie was SO excited to give her...she almost didn't let her take it home. Ha!

We had such a nice visit Auntie Mawee!! We love you!

Happy Monday Guys!!


  1. Addie is SUCH a mini you! And she's so stinkin cute in her leotard, I love it.

    Way to go on your run! You go girlfriend!

    Oh, and I thought of you this weekend as I had another Oreo dipped in Nutella for my goodie. I love knowing I have a Nutella twin out there. I feel complete ;)

    Looks like a good weekend, thanks for sharing hun! :) xoxo

  2. your kids are so cute ,sorry about Di's little friend ,but is that Di>APG or isn't there a DI in Missouri too( dancing in uncertainty) I get all you mixed up but wanted to stop by to thank you for your comments for my grand son Richard

  3. I had such a wonderful time too!! I love you guys!! See you Friday!!

  4. Love the twirling! I can't wait until Avery is old enough for ballet. Good luck on your garage sale and yay for your running!


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