Tuesday, April 10, 2012

You Had Me at Nutella

When I was in the city for the Shamrock Shuffle a few weeks ago, we all stopped for lunch at this great Italian place that Eric and his work buddies go to all the time. I wasn't really feeling italian food after the race, but when I walked in and saw the GINORMOUS tub of Nutella on their counter...I knew I was where I was suppose to be.

They sell brick oven pizzas at this place and one of the pizza options is called the "Nutella Pizza" which is basically a sweet dough covered in Nutella and powdered sugar and then baked in a brick oven.


After that day, I started wondering what I would do if I could get my hands on a big tub of Nutella like that (besides just eating it out of the jar with a spoon like I do now).

So I went in search of some yummy Nutella recipes to try. Here is what I found...feel free to drool :-)

And finally...

If you are one of those crazy people that has NOT tried Nutella yet because you think it's weird...get your bootie to the store and pick some up. You'll thank me later :-)

Anyone else out there obsessed with Nutella? I like to think that if I was stranded on an island and I could only bring one food item...it would be Nutella. I like to think that even a jungle leaf would taste good with a smear of it :-)


  1. First you post these pictures on Pinterest, then a whole blog post -- girly I am HUUUUNGRY! LOL :) I love me some Nutella, too! ;)

  2. Jen, we're long lost twins. Seriously. This post makes me happy on a whole new level.

    I'm as obsessed with that stuff as you, and up until now I've been taunted by my family often called a weirdo. Next time they give me a hard time I'm gonna whip out the whole "Yeah, well this girl who's blog I read is even worse than me!" to make myself feel better. Just warning ya. Ha!

    I'm so bad, I too have dedicated an entire post to Nutella a couple of months ago, filled to the brim with yummy Nutella recipes! (I'll put the link at the bottom of this comment). I've made a few of them and they're FANTABULOUS (i.e. the Peanutbutter and Nutella Brownies and the Nutella Smores. O.M.G.) Feel free to give some a go and let me know how they turn out! Those cupcakes are calling my name!!


  3. Nutella s'mores. LOVE them! Banana dipped in Nutella. Love it. Chocolate fudge bundt cake, holes poked in it when it's still warm and nutella spread on top so that it melts in. The best dessert ever!

  4. I have a confession to make....I've never tried Nutella :(. I know, I know, I will now add it to my grocery list for tomorrow morning :) And...get back to you asap w/ my verdict, sound fair? ;)

    Hope you're having a great week friend!

  5. I too, have never tried it. I'll also add it to my list next week and see what all the fuss is about. ;)

  6. I'm one of the crazies who hasn't tried it yet, but those pics looked awesome so I'm thinking I should soon.

  7. Girl you are speaking my language!!!

    I might have to steal some of these ideas from you ;-)


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