Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Davis' Go Camping: Volume 1

After waiting about 3 months for the perfect weather and a weekend free of commitments, we were FINALLY able to take the kids camping for the first time this weekend!!!

Look at our sweet digs all set up :-)

I know it's silly...but this picture makes me get teary-eyed. I think it's because I can still remember when we just had two gray chairs for Eric and I and now we have our two little side kicks :-)

To be honest, Eric and I were not 100% prepared for this trip. We did everything a little last minute and forgot really obvious things like salt and pepper (who forgets that?) paper plates (thank goodness we had plastic ones) and I forgot to pack myself underwear!!! Don't worry...I had a pair of running shorts with built-in undies and I may have driven home commando today. But OMG!! So much for being organized with my binder!! Haha!

 But if there was one thing we did NOT forget to was stock the fridge with necessities (my necessities are on shelf #2 :-)

I can't begin to describe how excited the kids were to camp this weekend. And they really pitched in with all the chores. They even helped Daddy collect wood for the fire.

But then they discovered that awesome playground just steps from our camper and they were like, "Peace out".

See this little dude right here?

He sort of has a thing for McQueen right now. Well, McQueen and Finn McMissle. He took them EVERYWHERE this trip!! Trust me...they make several appearances in this slide show of pictures.

After an afternoon setting up and playing on the playground, these kids were excited for the BEST part of camping. 


They took their seats right away...

And waited for the sun to go down.

And when it finally did...

It was time to party :-)

Addie insisted on roasting everyone's marshmallows.

Blake was actually cool with that. All he wanted to do was eat!

We spent quite a bit of time outside this weekend because we REALLY lucked out with the most beautiful weather. But the kids also liked spending time in the camper too.

We colored...

We ate yummy food...

And we watched some TV.

In fact, we were able to find the Derby on TV and I was pretty excited! I love watching all the stories about the horses before the race starts.

Clearly, I was the only one excited about it.

That's okay. They all needed a good nap :-)

And once we were all refreshed, we headed out to do some fishing!!!

Addie has already been fishing a few times so she is a pro...

But this was Blake's first time and he caught a fish in just one cast!!!

He couldn't believe it :-)

He just kept saying, "Again Dada! Again!"

These are clearly Eric's children because they were both all about touching the fish before we threw them back.

But at least there was a glimmer of me when Blake wiped off his hands on his coat. Ha!

Now as excited as Blake was to catch his first fish, his level of enthusiasm pales in comparison to his sister's. Here's a little play-by-play of her first catch of the day.

In case you were wondering...I fished this weekend too. Not much...because I suck at casting and someone needed to be the panicked wreck watching the kids to make sure they didn't fall into the lake.

Oh, and did I mention Addie hooked my hand?? Not went in just a little. But damn that hurt! Poor Addie was like, "Sorry I hooked you mama". Aw...bless her heart. I made sure I caught a fish with her just so she knew I wasn't mad about it.

Addie and Eric could have fished the day away.

While Blake was more interested in dumping our ENTIRE container of wax worms into the lake and playing on the shore with his buddies.

Just like his Papa.

Our last night camping was perfect. Cool weather, gooey s'mores and even a few "scary" stories around the campfire. Both kids slept the ENTIRE night and so did we. 

We planned to fish again before we left today, but for some reason we decided to leave early and head out after breakfast. About 20 minutes after we got home, we got hit with a big thunderstorm!! So glad we left when we did because we can honestly say it was the perfect weekend. We are all SO EXCITED to go camping again in a few weeks, especially with salt and pepper and some underwear this time. Ha!

We've made a hundred unforgettable memories with the kids this weekend and we just know there are a million more to come :-)

I heart camping!!


  1. I LOVE this post and all the pictures! Y'all are one of the CUTEST families I know! So glad you had a good time! XO!

  2. This post is so adorable, it was lovely to see pictures of what you were talking about :) I LOVED the little fishies Blake and Addie caught. SO CUTE! And that picture of Blake's plumber crack nearly made me pee my pants...oh and I DID pee my pants when I read you forgot your underwear. BAHA!

    Can't wait to see more posts about your camping adventures. I sooo can't wait to be able to do it with my children someday too :) Great memories, I'm so glad you had such fun! xoxo

  3. Yay!!! So glad it was a success!!! I love that you forgot your unz! Love it even more because you blogged it... Ha! Sounds like the Davis littles just needed a lot of fresh air and fish guts to get em to sleep through the night! Score!

  4. glad you had such a good time and at least you don't pack like I used to to go to the cabin,could barely fit the kids in the car---lol but people forget who wonderful memories are made with real life adventures,I still tell stories of mine to my grand kids

  5. So much fun! Love the pictures!

  6. Wow, what a fun weekend! I would have loved to go camping like this when I was younger. We just had the tents and Vienna sausages in a can! Haha!! I love all of the cute pictures, you really have such a beautiful family!


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