Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day Tea with My Girl

My heart is just bursting with love for this little girl right here.

Today, Addie invited me to her preschool for Mother's Day Tea and she showered me with hugs...

With some pinkalicious cake and tea...

And with priceless gifts that I will truly treasure FOREVER. This is a handprint butterfly the kids made all the moms this week.

Couldn't you just cry looking at it? Well I did. And so did some of the other moms. We are all emotional basket cases. Haha!

The teachers also had the kids fill out these little questionnaires and make a drawing of "Mommy and Me". This is Addie's...

I love that she thinks I'm 20...and that I make the best {frozen}mini waffles EVER. What a sweetie.

When I got home from Addie's school, Blakers was waiting for me with a big hug too. I know he can't express his love and appreciation the way Addie can now, but when he wraps his little arms around my neck and says, "Wuv do Mama" feels the exact same. My heart is bursting with love for my little man.

I sure am one lucky Mama :-)


  1. you are "that" one lucky momma

  2. Lol!!! These Mothers Day gifts/questionnaires are too funny! You girls are so cute!


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