Friday, May 25, 2012

School's Out for SUMMER!!

I can't believe it. My baby girl has finished her first year of preschool!!!

And what a wonderful year it was. I have watched Addie grow in SO MANY ways and I just can't say enough about her incredible teachers. She's grown physically, mentally and spiritually and that is do, in large part, to all the work her teachers have put in throughout the school year. I know everyone has their own opinions about preschool, especially 3-year-old preschool, but for us...this was the BEST decision we have ever made.

To celebrate this big accomplishment, Addie's preschool put on a little Spring Program to showcase the kiddies and some of the songs they have learned this year. Addie was pretty excited to put on her new pretty dress :-) 

All of her preschool buddies have become such good friends this year. I've had the opportunity to see them all together many times when I've worked in her classroom, and I swear there is nothing cuter than watching a bunch of little girls giggle and talk like they are 30. Haha!

The Spring Program was short and SUPER sweet, which was good for all the siblings that did NOT want to be there.

Although, as soon as the kids started singing, Mr. Crabby perked right up :-)

We all laughed SO HARD watching Addison Miss America up on stage. She was waving and smiling and really laying it on thick. She thought the crowd was there just for her.

Of course, the teacher had to remind her that this wasn't the Addie show. Hahaha! So typical :-)

The kids did a few songs for us and they were just precious.

Then yesterday, for Addie's last day of class, the teachers hosted a BEACH PARTY!!

All the kids got to show up in their swimsuits and they played all kinds of games. They were still playing Limbo when we came to pick them up.

Blake and Cole love picking up the girls from school because they get to play with Car Mountain. I think I know what Santa needs to bring this year :-)

And here the kids are for their last circle time. I might have cried just a little.

Aww...sharing some hugs on our last day.

And here are two of the most patient, loving preschool teachers in the world.

God bless them both :-)

I am just so proud of my baby girl today. What a wonderful year to look back on.

And's time for SUMMER!!!!!!


  1. Happy Preschool Graduation, Addie!!

    Awww, Jen she's just about the cutest thing since sliced bread. I wanna squish her with hugs. I'm jealous of her teachers, I wish I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to teach Addie :)

    Did her teachers cry saying goodbye to their little cherubs today? I cry every SINGLE time I have to leave one of my classes. And that's after only spending 8 weeks with them. Can you imagine me with my first proper class? I'll sob uncontrollably. It'll be embarrassing!

  2. you have a very lucky child grand daughter wasn't able to go to day care or pre-school but maybe next,I think children do wonderful in a structured envioment

  3. How adorable!! :) She looks so much older from September! Time flies!


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