Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Davis's Go Camping with Yogi Bear

When I asked Eric what he wanted for Father's Day, I wasn't surprised to hear him say, "Let's go Camping". That's pretty much all he thinks about this summer. In fact, we just spent last night talking about the rest of our free summer weekends and where we plan to go.

The man is in heaven.

And so are the kids.

And so am I :-)

I think Eric and I were just as excited as Addie and Blake to head to Jellystone Park to see Yogi Bear this weekend...

And you know what's awesome? I REMEMBERED TO USE MY CHECK LIST THIS TIME!

I remembered underwear, the kids had plenty of clothes and we even managed to prepare most of our food at home so that it was ready to eat while we were there. 

Prepared we were my friends. I even brought a few road trip activities for the kids but luckily, our drive was at nap time both ways so this is how the kids traveled...

SCORE! And I'm glad they slept because Addie was awake for the last half hour of the drive and she asked if we were to Yogi yet about 3,458 times. 

I am also glad they slept because other than seeing some windmills (which Addie LOVES spotting)

Illinois is a whole lotta nothin...

So of course, you can even imagine our excitement when we finally pulled into Jellystone.

Blake was scared shitless of big old Yogi though. I wanted a picture of the two of them in the picnic basket SO BAD...but it just wasn't happening.

But Addie is a trooper so her and Daddy took a pic instead :-)

Eric made the reservation for us and he told us we got a great spot near the lake. And he was right...it was a beautiful spot!

We spent the first hour we were there just skipping rocks. This was Blake's favorite thing to do all weekend.

See our cute little digs?

While Eric and I finished setting up camp, Blake found the nearest dirt pile...

And Addie, after a failed attempt to get Blake to play with her...

Played some croquet :-)

We got everything ready just in time to head over to story time with Cindy Bear!!!

Sitting quietly in a chair with a big scary bear listening to the world's least enthusiastic storyteller was NOT Blake's idea of fun. So him and I snuck out and went to the park :-)

The only thing that managed to get this kid off the slide was the word S'MORE!!

Daddy always builds us a beautiful fire.

So that we can roast a bunch of big marshmallows.

And chow down :-)

Once the kids were in bed that night, our friends Tim and Heather (who were parked next to us) came over to our fire for some cocktails. We all stayed up WAY too late, and the kids were up with the sun wanting to go fishing. Ha! 

These two LOVE fishing.

They look like too little pros don't they?

Ahh...this is the life. Sitting by the lake on a beautiful morning.

Daddy was the first to catch a little catfish this morning.

And even though I attempted to fish (with Addie's princess pole)...

We got nothin.

Aren't we two peas in a pod? We stand the same and even have our shirts tucked into the back of our shorts by accident. Nice :-)

Addie and I might have come up dry, but not Blakers!!!! He caught a fish right away. Thank goodness Daddy was there to help or that pole would have been in the lake. Haha!

He caught a bullhead...SO APPROPRIATE!

My favorite picture.

Blake was so stinkin excited.

The kid won't go by stuffed teddy bears, but he will rub his hands all over a slimy fish. I don't get it.

It was a good thing Blake caught a fish when he did because 5 minutes later, it started POURING!

Of course when you're camping, rain doesn't slow you down. You just find new things to do...like catch rain drops...

Or play in puddles...

My little dude :-)

After the rain let up, we headed straight for the mini golf. They had the nicest set-up at this campground! So perfect for the kids.

Addie was all about golfing this weekend, which will make Nana very proud :-)

Oh...and look who was on the golf course!!! I thought for sure Blake was finally going to touch him, but he didn't. Not alone anyway.

So I jumped in with him and we got the ONLY picture of Blake by Yogi. Ha!

This little guy was loving golf too, but his version of the game consisted of running right to the hole, pushing the ball in with his putter...

And then raising his club in victory!!

After golfing, we had a little time to kill before our hayrack ride and we did everything to avoid the giftshop at first. But then we thought what the heck...it's a vacation! So Blake picked out his Yogi truck...

And a bag of mini Swedish Fish...

And Addie got her Cindy Bear...

Who just so happened to be on our hayrack ride with us!!!!

And even though he wouldn't hug her, Blake did show Cindy his new truck :-)

The hayrack ride was so fun for the kids. I know it doesn't look like it in this pic, but it's only because Blake was over my camera. Ha!

And so was his buddy Carson.

But at least I can always count on my Addie to smile.

And of course I can always force Blake.

Or sweet talk him.

Just until he gives me a little smile.

And puts his sweet little hand on my leg :-)

We were lucky to have our camping buddies Tim and Heather and their kids out with us this weekend. Carson and Blake are little buddies...

And Addie has her eyes on this sweet guy Chandler (he's the little one. Ha!)

The hayrack ride took us all over the park and even drove through water at one point. Addie thought that was the coolest thing ever and has talked about it ever since. Ah..the little things that excite them.

When the hayrack ride was done, Addie begged us for the arcade. 

I had a feeling that my little man wasn't going to make it much longer and then when I felt him go limp in my arms I knew it was nap time.

My tired little camper.

After our quick nap, we were able to enjoy the pool, cook some yummy dinner and head over to the ranger station for the Father's Day Beauty Pageant!!! Heather and I tried getting Eric and Tim to dress up but it wasn't happening. Plus, we did NOT come equipped with outfits like these. Ha!

This was so hilarious to watch.

And the kids loved the music.

But then we looked up and saw these clouds coming in!!!!!

I put my foot to the test when Eric and I grabbed the kids and RAN back to the camper. We made it back in plenty of time to close things up and get inside for the night. I was sad the party had to end for all the Dads, but it was so nice watching movies and cuddling up in the camper. We needed to get to bed early anyway.

The next morning, it was FATHER'S DAY! Blake woke Eric up by slapping his card on his face. Ha!

The kids did a pretty great job picking out their cards for Daddy :-)

On our last morning at the campground, we asked Addie what she wanted to do.

Can you guess what she said?

Blake was down with that idea too.

Before we left, I begged the kids (and Eric) for just a few more pictures.

And they agreed :-)

We really had the BEST time at Jellystone this weekend and we are already planning our next trip there. What a wonderful way to spend Father's Day with Daddy :-)


  1. Some friends of ours just spent the weekend there, too! It looks like a great park! I can't wait to camp this summer!

    Oh, and you got a new camera, didn't you? I can tell :)

  2. That looks like so much fun!! Jen, you're making camping sound amazing! I think I need to try it lol! Love you!

  3. I LOVE your camping posts! I seriously laughed out loud about 80 different times. Especially at the picture of Blake smacking Eric in the face with his Father's Day card. BAHAHAHA! Priceless!

    So glad you guys had such a great time. I wish I could have gone as a little stow away. Your posts make me miss camping so much!

    Excited to read about your next camping adventure! :D

  4. I really never imagined you as a "camper" (and me either), but I must admit...your making camping seem cool! Ha! I kinda want to rush out a buy a 5 bedroom camper and head to Amboy.HAHA! Love all the pics of the kids! Blake is getting to be such a big boy! I have that tank your wearing! :)

  5. That packing list was genius! Now I just need to get my husband to make one for himself! He is always yelling at me "where is the hammer" and such!


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