Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day in a Nutshell

Happy Father's day to all the Daddies out there!! We had a GREAT Father's Day weekend filled with cake eating, swimming and Yogi Bear sightings. But let's start at the beginning, shall we?

Our fabulous Father's Day weekend actually started on Thursday night when we celebrated with Papa Steve.

Here he is with his two sweet girls...already in dress-up clothes :-)

Every year, we all try to think of fun and elaborate things to do for our dads on Father's Day. Should we take them out for a fancy meal? Should we charter them a fishing boat? Or sign them up for BBQ classes (okay...that I actually did. For Eric :-). 

But in the end, all our Dad's ever seem to want is just a fun night at home with their family. As soon as Papa Steve walked in the door that night, he said, "I have been waiting for this ALL DAY!!" He just wanted to see his cute kiddies and eat some yummy food.

And eat some yummy food we did. Especially cake.


And lots...

And lots of cake :-)

After dinner, it was the same old shenanigans. The kids cruised around the yard...

Did some cuddling...

Told some stories...

It was such a beautiful night on Thursday and we all just got to sit and talk and play with the kids. I think it is exactly what Papa Steve wanted :-)


And then today, it was time to celebrate with my Daddy-O. He too wasn't looking for fancy restaurants or chartered fishing boats (although a new beach house would still be nice, huh Pop? Ha!)

When we asked him what he wanted to do for Father's Day, he said he wanted to have everyone over for burgers and some swimming. He LOVES seeing everyone enjoy the pool and having us all over today made him smile big time :-)

And enjoy the pool we did!!

Especially this little man!

Who was totally impressed by Uncle Eric's headfirst sliding skills.

And speaking of being brother Ryan was able to accomplish something that NO ONE...not even Nana...could accomplish yet this year. He got Blake in the pool!!

Blake is a beach boy. He likes the control of being able to walk in and out of the water whenever he wants. In the pool, someone has to hold you or float with you and he has NEVER wanted to let anyone do that. Until today. 

Bravo, Uncle Ryan. You rock.

Now, don't think that today was all about fun. Sure, there was lots of splashing, sliding and tiara wearing...but there was also some serious physical fitness going on. Our porkie little yorkie Howie got some much-needed water aerobics too. 

After we swam and soaked in some sun, it was time to let Addie Papa open his cards :-)

And check out all of his fun little gifts...

My Dad is truly one of the most selfless people in the world. He would give any of us the shirt off his back if we needed it. In fact, when we all gave him money today to buy parts for the car he has been fixing up...we had to be EXTRA clear that the money was for him and his car. Not for buying us stuff, not for buying the grandkids stuff and not even for buying practical stuff (he joked about using it to buy socks :-). 

My Dad lives and breathes for us kids (and our kids) and we are all SO SO SO lucky to have him. You'd be hard pressed to find a more loving, caring, generous and FUNNY person.

Only he can understand true comedy like this :-)

I hope you had a fabulous Father's Day, Pop!!


One of the reasons our Father's Day celebrations were so spread out this weekend is because a certain other Daddy wanted to take his family to see Yogi Bear. 

Words can't express how much FUN we had together this weekend!! So I'll just leave you with my favorite Father/Son moment to hold you over until tomorrow's post.

Addie and Blake are so incredibly lucky to have a Daddy like Eric. Watching him this weekend warmed my heart. He was so proud and so excited to be taking the kids on this trip and he's told me before that it's weekends like this that make all his long hours at work worth it. I don't tell him nearly enough...but we are all so very lucky to have him.

And speaking of being lucky...or getting lucky...

Happy Father's Day, babe. I love you to pieces!


And HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the daddies out there! I hope everyone had just as great of a weekend as we did :-)


  1. thanks Jen, HAVING EVERYONE OVER WAS THE BEST I COULD EVER ASK FOR AND THE VIDEO, THATS ONE OF THE BEST And thank you family for everything, all you guys are toooooo much!

  2. What a fun fathers day weekend! Happy belated fathers day to all the special dads in your life!

  3. LOL! Love that ecard!!! Looks like you guys had a great weekend! :-)

  4. Hahahahaha I love that ecard! Too funny! And by the way, your pics from camping look amazing!


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