Thursday, June 14, 2012

Live to Run Another Day...

I have to admit...I am slightly embarrassed by my vlog yesterday. It was very dramatic of me to almost CRY on camera over something that really is silly in the grand scheme of things.

But running has become an important part of my life and setting goals like a half marathon is HUGE for me. And the fact that I am SO CLOSE to reaching that goal...I was devastated by the idea that I could possibly have to miss it.

Again...very dramatic. But I do appreciate everyones prayers, good thoughts and advice. It meant so much to me to have so many of you ask how I'm feeling the last few days. I am so lucky to have you all :-)

So...the diagnosis is in. My ankle is in good shape without any instability (YAY!!!) but one of my bones is severly bruised and the X-ray showed a possible fracture. Apparently the image wasn't clear and the doc said that bone is hard to see in an X-ray and there are signs of trauma.

BUT...because I am walking fine today and because I don't seem to be in much pain, he is just asking that I take a week off from running in order to let the bruise heal. If after a week the pain in that area is gone, I can run!!!! WOOHOO!!

But if the pain stays the same or gets worse, it may be a sign that the bone is fractured and that would mean 4-6 weeks of recovery. BOO!!

In my heart of hearts, I don't think I have a fracture based on how much improvement I have had the past two days (and neither does the doc). I have virtually no pain when walking now, it's really more just an ache which is normal. But I will take the doctors orders and give myself a week off from running. I HATE it...but I'll do it because a week is much better than a month (or more).

So looks like the half marathon is still on for now!!! And it's a good thing too because my fabulous new polkadot running shorts just arrived.

Thanks again for all the well wishes everyone!!! I heart you all so much!!


  1. Great news!

    D fell while running about two months ago and his ankle was swollen for 5 weeks. Of course being a man he never went to the dr. He stayed off it for 3 weeks and it's better now and he has almost caught up to where is suppose to be for marathon training.

    1. THanks sweetie! I didn't realize D hurt himself during training too!!! It is good to hear that he is back at it though. It is a beautiful day and I want to try and run SO BAD, but I know I need to take it easy just a little. It's hard when you are in a routine. When is D's marathon?!!

  2. You know the previous rules, there is always some sort of workout to do. Just modify, you can bike, swim, and always do core work. Us athletic trainers never give you a day off. Glad nothing was broken. I agree with Char, we all need to get together sometime soon.

    1. You are right girlfriend! There are technically no days off. Haha! I have been really wanting to start the 30 day ab challenge so what better week to get started!! I will also be swimming lots this weekend so that will help too. Thanks again for all the trainer advice sweetie. I owe ya one :-) And yes...let's plan a get together SOON!!!

  3. I'm so glad you don't have something serious! I love those shorts!

  4. Yay!!!! You were not over dramatic, I totally would've been the same way! Or that just makes me dramatic too ha? Either way, I'm SO glad all is okay :)

  5. I was so happy to hear that!! Take care of yourself and you'll be back at it in no time! ;)


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