Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sometimes & Always

After weeks of telling Amanda I was going to do it, I am finally linking up with Macky Madness for 

Sometimes: I decide to take the day off from the Internet.
Always: I'm standing at the kitchen counter waiting for the kids to finish breakfast and I can't resist the urge to grab my phone and check my email. Or Facebook. Or Twitter. It's a sickness.

Sometimes: I get sick of camping. The dirt everywhere, the bugs, the teeny tiny shower, the hotdogs...dear GOD the hotdogs...
Always: We head out to the campground and sit around a warm fire eating gooey marshmallows with two dirty kids on our laps and I say, "This is the life". And it really is :-)

Sometimes: I vow to keep a secret (and I am speaking specifically of my own secrets. The ones I have the authority to tell if I want to).
Always: I can't wait 5 seconds before I am spilling the beans to someone, whether it's something small like showing them their gift before Christmas, or something big like telling our family that we were pregnant with Addie and Blake before the word "pregnant" had fully developed on the test. None of you ever have to fear that I'm keeping secrets because it's official. I can't keep them.

Sometimes: I say I want a break from my kids.
Always: I'm already missing them as I pull out of the driveway.

Sometimes: I say I'm going to stop eating so much garbage.
Always: I pin some fantastically sweet dessert on Pinterest and 5 minutes later I am dipping Hershey's chocolate squares in a tub of peanutbutter.

Sometimes: I say I am going to wait until after Thanksgiving to start talking about Christmas.
Always: I realize that's bullshit and I look at the calendar to see how much longer I have to wait to put my tree up. And then when I realize that we are halfway to Christmas, I turn on a little Bing Crosby in my car and Eric and I take the kids to feed reindeer :-)

Sometimes: I take my Mom for granted.
Always: I realize 2 seconds after making fun of her for calling herself "Super Nana" that she REALLY IS Super Nana and I don't know what any of us would do without her in our lives. I love you mama and I appreciate you more than you know!!!


Okay...this Sometimes and Always stuff is fun!!! I just might have to do this every week :-)


  1. YAY!!! I loved reading your post and I totally think you should do this every week with me! :D

    1) I am THE SAME, in that I can't keep a secret and I know that as soon as I've peed on that pregnancy test and a slight blue line appears I'll be on the phone to my mother and everyone else I know. Hahaha!

    2) It freaks me out how similar we are sometimes. I had a Sometimes and Always about how I can't wait for Christmas already typed out and I deleted it because I thought my post was too long with all of the pictures. Freaky? Yes. Great minds? Yes.

    3) I just ate 3 Oreos after spotting chocolate caramel fudge chunk brownies on that freakin site! It make my ass grow. IT REALLY DOES!!!

  2. Love this! The Hershey's chocolate in peanut butter sounds too good to resist though. I'm thinking I need a trip to the store!

  3. Sometimes: I whine and feel overwhelmed trying to be everything to everybody.

    Always: I am so blessed to have wonderful children and grandchildren who complete my life and who I would go to the ends of the earth and back for! I love you all so much!


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