Tuesday, July 10, 2012

All Before 10:30am...

Before 10:30am I...

* Woke up with a foot in my face. Addie was up to her usual late night shenanigans.

* I missed my opportunity to go for a run.

* Broke my favorite mixing bowl from Crate and Barrel. We got it for our wedding and they no longer make it.

* Dropped my make-up brush full of bronzing powder down my new white t-shirt. It's just from Target...but I seriously just bought it.

* Tore apart my clean, organized bedroom drawers looking for a specific bra that was hanging in the laundry room the whole time.

* Got into an unnecessary argument with my mama, based purely on sleep deprivation.

* Broke up 1,658 fights between my children.

* While I was sending a package at the post office, Addie and Blake emptied a shelf of Priority Mail envelopes. They were all over the floor.

* I took my kids for haircuts. Enough said.

* Blake spilled my Starbucks coffee all over the cafe in Barnes and Noble. I had only taken two sips.

* Addie flashed her underwear at story time. More than once.

* All 3 of us where almost hit by a car in the parking lot after Addie lost her flip-flop and ran back in the road to get it.

It is now 2:30pm and since Blake took a 30 second car nap, there will be no nap time today. I wanted to post something fun and creative today or do a link-up...but this mama is going to spend the rest of the afternoon drinking coffee until it is late enough to switch to wine :-)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh snap! Sounds like it's wine time!

  2. I hate those days! I had one last week and all I wanted to do was go back to sleep, wake up and start the day over. Hope it is wine-thirty already ;)

  3. Um, with a day like this one, I don't think you have to wait to pour the wine! If I lived closer, I'd bring the bottle

  4. Stinky. I hate days like that. Hope your night is better.

  5. Oh boo. I wish we could split a bottle of wine together and let the kids just run themselves ragged in the playroom. I hate these days- they leave me feeling so defeated. Thankfully tomorrow is a new day.. Hugs, friend. And lots of wine.

  6. Yuck! You deserve every bit of that glass of wine (or bottle!)...hope tomorrow starts off on the right foot!

  7. You poor thing. But, you even know how to write yucky things in a hilarious way! :) Sounds like you need another spa day!

  8. Ugh! I am so sorry that your day was so rough! I don't know what is worse...the haircuts or almost being hit in the parking lot! All equally painful! Don't worry...Wednesday will be better my friend! If I were near by I would pop over with a bottle of wine in hand!

  9. Aww sorry abt your day! Days like that suck! Hope you better one today.


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