Monday, July 2, 2012

Bedtime Shenanigans

When it comes to bedtime Addie takes the cake. 

I've already established on this blog MANY times that she is the master of bedtime bullshittery. She has every excuse in the book for not going to bed, but lately she's been getting smarter (damn it!!) and has moved past the I'm hungry, thirsty or scared bit. She is now onto more creative displays of drama and here a just of few of my favorites lately...

Uuuuuugh!!! I can't fall asleep mama. My mind is racing!

I can't go to sleep right eyes are full of energy.

{While crying} But I'm gonna miss you sooooooo much!!!!"

She also likes to try and bargain with you for an extra 10-15 minutes. She promises to clean her room, to be nice to her brother the next day, to go to bed early the next night, etc.

Lies. ALL LIES!!

Thankfully, Blake has always been my little sleeper. He goes into his crib at bedtime and aside from a little talking or jumping around, he goes right to sleep and I don't have to go into his room until the morning.

And I have been SO THANKFUL for this little peanut, especially on nights where his crazy sister is lurking the hallway like Children of the Corn and scaring the shit out of me at 2:00am.

But as much as I HATE to admit little guy is growing up and if we are ever going to get moving on this whole potty training thing...I have to get him in his big boy toddler bed. One thing at a time.

So tonight...we told Blakey Boy to say goodbye to his crib...

I was worried that he would be reluctant to say goodbye, since Blake LOVES his crib. But he was actually excited about it! And clearly so was Addie...which freaks me out a little.

And in a matter of minutes, we said goodbye to the last crib in our house.

And Blake curled right up :-)

He went down without a fight tonight and is currently sleeping soundly in his "new" bed. I can't stop watching him on the video monitor because I keep waiting for him to hop up and realize he can come out of his room whenever he wants.

Or worse yet...I keep waiting for Addie to discover that she can go and and get him now.

Lord help us all. The bedtime shenanigans are just beginning...


  1. Oh my...Children of the Corn! Hahaha! I hate it when they stand right by your bed, four inches from your face....all quiet. Gives me the heebies just thinking about it! :)

  2. I'm literally laughing out loud at this post. We had to switch Nathan to a toddler bed at 18months bc he kept climbing out and falling. He has never been a good sleeper either. But the baby he's 22 months and I'm keeping him in the crib until he's 5, ok so maybe not that long. Way to go Blake!

  3. I love the last picture of Blake in his bed. He looks so happy and so proud! And I about spit my drink at the Children of the Corn--cracked me up!!
    (This is Tara--I can't figure out how to post as anything but Anonymous)

  4. Yep, Molly will be two in August and we are keeping her in her crib as long as possible. Not trying to climb out so we thought we we leave her there as long as we can. She sleeps good so we are not messing with that. Glad he stayed there all night.

  5. You had my laughing out loud, literally! Possibly because I was a little Addie when I was little, my parents also dubbed me the "drama queen" ;) And I was the big sister who urged my brother to stay up with me when mom and dad went to just wait ha!

    Good luck & happy 4th!

  6. Baaaahahaha! Bullshittery, Children of the Corn, "I can't go to sleep right now, my eyes are full of energry!" Oh Lord, nearly pissing my pants over here.

    On a more serious note, I'm so glad Blakey is enjoying his big boy bed. What a cutie! Hopefully he'll not be doing gymnastics at 3am any time soon, but instead continue to enjoy cuddling his pillow :)

    Love ya! xoxo


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