Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Everything I Need for Race Day

I'm sure it will come as a great shock to most of you that I in fact do NOT have a running binder. Or any running checklists or homemade printables.

And maybe that's because running is the one thing in my life that isn't complicated. There are no set rules and there is simply no way to predict how a run will go. You can be hydrated and well-rested and have the shittiest run of your life. Or you can come off 3 hours of sleep and 2 glasses of wine and nail it. 

You just never know.

But if you make the commitment and do your best every single time you lace up your shoes...you WILL reach your goal. My first goal was to run without dying. So I ran...for about 30 seconds...and then I puked. I didn't want to run again the next day but I did anyway. And I ran a little longer.

It's been almost two years since I "graduated" from the Couch25K Program and I am just days away from running my first Half Marathon. I can still remember the excitement and accomplishment I felt the first time I ran 8 minutes straight and then 20 minutes straight. And now...I am able to run 2 hours and 20 minutes straight. That is UNBELIEVABLE to me. I don't even know how I got here or how I've made it through the last 12 weeks of training...but I did. And I can't even describe how wonderful that feels :-)

But with that said, let me also just emphasize how freaking HAPPY I am that this training is coming to an end. We've all made a lot of sacrifices the last few months and there have been many days where we've come home and said, "Damn it I don't want to run anymore!"

But we sucked it up and ran our booties off.


We are all stronger, healthier and I personally haven't felt this in shape since college. And that was a looooooong time ago. I certainly don't have the body I imagined I would have after all this training (because in truth...I was thinking I would look like Heidi Klum), but I can put on a pair of running shorts and not feel uncomfortable or self conscious anymore. And that, my friends, is good enough for me :-)

So the moment of truth is approaching. I only have a few days left to wait until the big race and I already have my outfit picked out. You need very few things on a 92 degree day, but those few things totally need to match. So here's a little peak at what I'll be rocking on Sunday...

Don't be fooled...I've had those polka dot shorts picked out forever. I just couldn't help myself...they are so me!! And of course I will be wearing my new neon-laced Nikes, my sparkle headband, my iPhone and the most IMPORTANT item of all...my lucky pearls.

Eric gave me a pair of Mikimoto pearl earrings on our wedding day and I've worn them for every important event in my life since, including the birth of my two babies. I've worn them for every race and now that I will be running my 14th, there is no sense in breaking a tradition now!

Plus...pearls go with everything :-)

But if there is one accessory that NO runner should be without...it's a running buddy. Or if you are as lucky as me...TWO amazing running buddies. I can say without a doubt in my mind that there is NO WAY I would have ever completed this training without these two.

We pushed each other, complained to each other, yelled at each other but best of all...we supported each other. And now we are going to run side by side for 13.1 miles. Crossing that finish line is going to be a moment that three of us will NEVER ever forget. And I can't speak for Mr. Don't-show-emotion-on-camera...but I know Dana and I are totally going to cry.

So I guess I better add waterproof mascara to the list too :-)

5 days to race day!!!!!


  1. That is so awesome! I am seriously so inspired to keep running!

  2. This is a great post! I'm missing raising in our hot summer heat!

  3. You are so awesome!!! So proud of how far you have come, now if only I could follow in your footsteps! I definitely need some of those neon shoes!

  4. FRICKEN CRAZY AWESOME ACCOMPLISHMENT!!!! All of you should be so proud of yourselves! Good Luck at your race and yeah I so would cry too at the end!

    1. Thanks so much Julee!!! I just wrote you this super long reply email and realized your email isn't linked. Ha! So it's sitting in cyber space. But all I was trying to say was thanks for your support! You've been so sweet about liking all my annoying run posts and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate that. You're the freakin best!! :)

  5. You are going to crush it!!! You have motivated me to find a half to train for :) xo

  6. Hey girlfriend!! Just wanted to let you know how proud of you I am!! You dealt with the ankle issue and kept pushing to reach your goal!! I want to wish you the best of luck at your race and also just say... You are gonna be looking HOT and dangerous in that ADORABLE (and SO "you") outfit!! Work it girl!! You amaze and inspire me!! Big hugs :) xoxoxo

  7. I found it! that is so exciting! and you are a fellow Chicagoan!!! We actually live in the suburbs but I feel like I rarely meet bloggers who are close to me! Excited to follow you and read more! Especially to hear about your race!

  8. This is my favorite post, and I've totally clicked on all of the links and read those too. Haha!You have accomplished SO much and I only hope I can follow in your footsteps girlfriend. SO PROUD of you!!! xoxo


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