Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday's Letters: Thank Yous, Apologies and Some Begging

I am joining in on the fun for Friday's Letters because I have all kinds of great messages today and I think this link-up is perfect for them :-)

Dear Blake,
Thank you SO MUCH for being such a big boy and transitioning so easily into your toddler bed. I knew you could do it! Now lets get to work on this whole potty training thing.

Dear Addie,
Thank you for being such a sweet sister. When you're not trying to beat the crap out of really do take such good care of Blake. I know he appreciated the "feel better soon" card you made him when he got his boo-boo yesterday.

Dear Heat Wave,
Enough already. Please. We already have to deal with brutal Chicago winters...lets not make our summers suck too! This 118 heat index stuff is just plain bullshit. And my kids seriously can't do any more crafts. We need to get back outside!

Dear Camper,
I am sorry I said I was "over you" last week. You have only been in storage for 5 days and I miss you. There. I said it :-)

Dear Laundry,
Just. F-ing. Stop. I'm begging you.

Dear Coffee,
Even when it's 200 degrees out, I still love you hot in the morning.

Dear Hair,
I am so sorry I've been neglecting you this summer. It isn't fair. You are lifeless and dry and it's all my fault!! Don't worry...I am taking care of you today :-)

Dear Mani/Pedi giftcards,
I'm coming for you this weekend too. My nails and toesies need some love and you are going to provide it.

Dear Running Shoes:
I'm gonna need you to come through for me this weekend. 11 miles is some serious business and I am feeling weak this week.
Please don't feel like bricks.
Please don't feel like bricks.
Please don't feel like bricks.

Dear Fabulous blog readers,
I am SO SORRY for not being the best about replying to comments lately. I try to answer those of you who have emails attached to your account but for those of you who don't, I always say I will get back online and comment right on my posts and then I get side tracked and forget :( I PROMISE I am going to be so much better about that.

Dear Weekend,
Thank you for coming so quickly and for being completely free of commitments!!!


  1. You make me laugh! That is all!

  2. YAY! I love your letters!! You make me laugh and I love that I've found another bloggy buddy who isn't afraid to say 'F-ing' in their post too! You rock! I'm excited to see your hair, and toes, and nails. I'll be thinking of you for the whole 11 miles, you can do it and you'll kick serious ass! Hopefully mother nature cooperates soon :) Love you lots. xoxo

  3. Newly following from Friday Letters. Your family is adorable, I'm jealous of your mani/pedi pampering & hope the heat lets up soon.

  4. Great letters. The heat is out of control this summer!

  5. they are too sweet!


    have a good one!


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