Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our Lazy 4th of July

Every year, the 4th of July is such an anticipated summer holiday. I usually get just as excited as everyone else to dress up my kids, make some cute desserts and crafts, head out to a BBQ and watch some fireworks.

But this year...I just didn't have it in me! I walked past a thousand cute 4th of July outfits for the kids and never bought them. My mom even offered to embroider them a t-shirt and I was just like Meh... The most I got was a Target Dollar Bin headband for Addie (which she loved and wore all week).

I also pinned a hundred different recipes on Pinterest and even bought the supplies for patriotic Oreo pops. I didn't make a SINGLE one of those recipes and I ended up eating a few of the Oreos last night with some milk instead.

And then my Mom planned a little BBQ at their house for the 4th and I was glad! I figured even if my kids didn't have cute outfits and I brought a ready-made taco dip instead of a patriotic jello least we would be celebrating and I wouldn't feel so bad about being a slug.

But then things changed. Eric got called into work and was there ALL DAY yesterday. My brother Ryan was still trying to finish a very exciting home project (more on that later) and needed my Dad's help for the day. And one by one...everyone had to pass on the BBQ. By yesterday morning, it was just my mom and the kids and I attending this party.

So what did we do?

We went to the mall :-)

It actually ended up being a nice morning. We shopped a little, hit the big Disney Store sale and scored some early Christmas gifts, ate some lunch and the took the kids on the carousel.

I guess if you ask the DID feel like a holiday yesterday. 

On the car ride home from the mall my mom and I talked about how busy things have been lately. This summer has been go go go since day one and it almost felt nice to not worry or think about any big celebration yesterday. We didn't even make plans to go to the fireworks (since the kids already saw some over the weekend).

Nana and Papa invited Addie over for a sleepover last night so Blake and I went home to meet up with Daddy. The three of us sat around ALL night just playing and watching TV in our jammies. It was so nice to just be home.

But then we started feeling a little guilty for not celebrating at all we turned on the Navy Pier fireworks on TV :-) 

And clearly Nana and Papa were feeling guilty too, because minutes later they sent a picture of Addie watching the fireworks out of the back of their car.

This is how we would watch the fireworks as kids and I remember always being SO excited to put on jammies, eat snacks and stay up late :-)

So in the end...our lazy, unpatriotic 4th of July ended up being just what we needed and everyone was happy :-)

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