Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our Weekend in a Nutshell: A Birthday Party & Some "Glamping"

Happy Sunday everyone! It was another Ca-Razy weekend over here and if it's any indication of just how beat we are...the kids were both asleep in their beds by 8:00 (which is SUPER early for us these days) and Eric and I will be following shortly after. We were actually supposed to make another family party this weekend but we were a bit delayed in our camping pack-up due to a nasty storm. Oh well...there's always next year!

But that doesn't mean we didn't have PLENTY of other fun this weekend. Let's start with Friday, shall we?

Addie and Blake were waiting ALL DAY to put on their costume's for Gracie's Princess & Superhero Birthday party.

Addie was Snow White...

And the Blakester was Super Man...

We were minutes away from leaving for the party when Eric announced that he was leaving for the camper. What he should have done was say that he was leaving for the C.A.M.P.E.R. because Blake knows the word "camper" all too well and once he heard it...there was no turning back.

So he flew to Daddy's truck crying and begging to go with...

I simply didn't have it in me to throw a screaming Super Man in my car. So Addie and I went alone and that was fine by us :-)

When we got to Gracie's party, we were greeted by another little Snow White...

And of course the birthday girl...Princess Jasmine :-)

Gracie had a ton of her buddies at the party and they were all so cute in their little costumes.

 My cousin Kris rented out this fantastic party room through our local park district and they had all kinds of activities planned for the kids. They colored... 

Made jeweled princess crowns...

Listened to some special princess stories...

Played pin-the-crown on the princess...

And a few other activities. The kids had a great time, but I think the best part for Addie and Gracie was getting to run around together and goof off :-)

After playtime, the birthday girl opened presents. I LOVE how they organized this at the party. Instead of letting all 21 kids come up and help tear through gifts, they put out an extra seat so that when it was time for the birthday girl to open your gift, you got to sit next to her.

Addie tried SO hard to resist the temptation to help Grace with her gifts.

But that only lasts so long :-)

Gracie didn't mind though. She even thanked Addie with a big old hug :-)

After presents it was time for cake!!! These two found a seat right next to each other of course :-)

And my Uncle Bill came in to steal a bite :-)

As anyone knows from being at a kiddie party, getting a group picture is near impossible. You take what you can get...and this was the best I got on my camera.

Addie had the BEST time at Gracie's party and I only wish my little Super Man would have made it too. Oh well...there's always next year!!

Happy Birthday Gracie Girl!!!!


After the princess party, Addie changed out of her gown in the parking lot and we headed straight to our campground. We didn't want to miss a minute down there because we had GUESTS this weekend!!!!

Aunt Dana, Uncle Kevin, Nia & Nolan came out to camp with us and we had a great time! We spent most of our Saturday at the beach of course...

And then we came back to relax around the fire and wait for Mim and Papa Steve to arrive. 

To pass the time, Dana and I sipped on raspberry infused Moscato and painted our nails.

This is what some call "Glamping". Ha!

It was really fun having all the kiddies together this weekend.

Here's Mima and her girls :-)

And here's Dana and I...a little less glamorous.

After dinner, we had a few more guests join us for the big fireworks show. This is my cousin-in-law Maggie...making the world's perfect s'more :-)

These kids freaking love their s'mores. Best part of camping if you ask me.

At this point in the was 7:30pm. My kids had been up since about 6:45 and we did nothing but play, swim and run around in 100 degree weather. No breaks. No naps. No down time. 

So I guess it came as no surprise that this little bugger...the youngest in the group...just couldn't hold on any longer.

So Blake and I skipped the fireworks and stayed in the camper to cuddle.

After a surprisingly successful night in the camper with 4 adults and 4 crazy kiddies...we woke up hungry for bacon!!!

So daddy took care of that... 

While Aunt Dana and I sipped our coffee :-)

And because we PROMISED the kids we would go...we took them all fishing.

All the kids did great fishing today, but one little peanut stood out from the crowd.

And it was this girl right here.

Nia caught 6 FISH!!! All by herself. 

These kids seriously have no fear and Nia was a natural.

And boy...she was proud as a peacock.

After fishing, we contemplated heading to the beach for a quick dip before packing up the camper. I am not sure what made us decide not to, but it's a good thing we didn't because moments later...the thunder came. Followed by the rain.

Today I drove home with both kids in the SCARIEST thunderstorm I have driven in a long time. Then poor Eric had to wait out the hail so that he could finish with the camper. The poor guy took FOREVER to get home and he was soaked to the bone. And then of course it took us the rest of the evening to clean out the camper and prepare for the week ahead.

So like I said friends...we are BEAT!!! But what another fun weekend full of memories. We are seriously one lucky bunch :-)


  1. What fun!!!! I am rolling at you & Dana. Totally something I would do too... Repaint my nails around the fire. LOL! I have to hand it to you guys, you're really livin it up in this glamper of yours! I mean, an outdoor kitchen??! C'Mon now!!! Not gonna lie, everyone is bitching here about how summer hasn't shown up (it never does before the 4th and people ALWAYS bitch) but I am HAPPY with my 65 degree days!!! Over 100?! WOOF!!! You gotta come visit WA in the summer. :-)

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