Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reunited and it Feels so Good!

On my Mom's side of the family, I have two aunts, two uncles and 3 cousins. A small, happy little clan.

And then there's my Dad's side of the family, where I have 13 Uncles (2 of which are looking down on us from heaven), 13 Aunts, and 31 first cousins. And of course, let's not forget all of my cousin's spouses and children (and the ones left to come). We are just one BIG happy clan.

I really wish my Grandma and Grandpa Mueller, my Uncle Wally and My Uncle Bobby could be here to see all this, but I know they are all in heaven looking down on us together. I'm sure it fills their heart with happiness when they see all 2 million of us finding ways to still be together...even if it means renting banquet halls and churches :-)

And that's just what we did for this reunion. If you can believe it, my Dad also comes from a rather large family with lots of aunts, uncles and cousins who all had large families of their own. So the Lakota Family Reunion has grown quite a bit over the years!!! It was just a sea of green shirts on Sunday.

A LOT of planning goes into our reunions and it's always so much fun. 

There's always a bounce house...

And cute game areas to keep the kiddies occupied.

There's always a TON TON TON of food.

And plenty of beer :-) Us Mueller's know how to keep it classy.

And we go through a lot of kegs :-)

But the best part of any reunion is getting to spend time with the people we love.

And here's one of our brides-to-be! My cousin Liz is tying the knot in December.

And the other bride-to-be, my cousin Julie (on the right) is getting married next year.

The reunion brought in so many of my out-town-cousins this year and I LOVED getting to see everyone. Here is my cousin-in-law Bill and baby Logan from St. Louis...

My cousin Richie from Minnesota...

And his adorable kids...

And my cousin Jeff, who doesn't live out of town, but has to travel CONSTANTLY. It was so nice getting to see him too. Blake was like his little shadow for a while.

Too cute.

Now...the one and ONLY part of the reunion that gets hard and stressful is picture time. Rounding all those people up and pulling them away from conversation, food and beer is damn near impossible. Ha! And no matter how hard everyone tries to be organized...it's just mass chaos.

Even the boys were like, "WTF is going on?!!"

And speaking of my boys, my heart just about burst watching Blake and Owen interact and play together for the firs time. My little Owen is getting so big and I LOVE seeing him and Blake form their own little friendship now. Cousin love :-)

The two hung out in this wagon FOREVER!

And Nana did a great job pulling them around :-)

Despite all the chaos of picture time, we really did get some wonderful shots of the day. This is a picture of my dad and all of his brothers and sisters, which we call "The Originals"

And then there are the 13 spouses, which everyone calls "The Out-Laws". This is their silly frown face picture. My Uncle Jerry in the front totally nailed it.

And here is their happy face picture :-)

Even though my legs were about to fall off at the reunion, I wouldn't have missed it for ANYTHING in the world. I am so lucky to have such a big, wonderful family and I am already looking forward to seeing them again at Christmas :-)

Thanks for a GREAT REUNION all you party planners!! We had a wonderful time. xoxo


  1. Wow that is a large family. I would forget so many names, LOL.

  2. Isn't the Midwest great. Love this post :-)

  3. My mom is 1 of 6 and my dad is 1 of 11! I have over 40 first cousins! It gets so crazy but I wouldn't have it any other way!

    So glad the reunion went so well! Cute pics! :)


  4. Jen, so many cousins couldn't make it to this reunion but, still 343 of them did!! WOW!! what a reunion!

  5. Shit girl, half of Brandon's family doesn't speak to us (as you know) And my cousin hates me. Their loss, I'm fabulous! LOL! We could never do a reunion! BAHAHAHAHA! This is awesome, though!

  6. That is such a big family!! How awesome, that is something your children will remember for a lifetime!! I'm a new follower and love the blog so far!!

  7. Quite a nice piece to put in a backyard. Very cheerful!


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