Friday, August 10, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Week 1 Check-In

Never in my life have I been addicted to going to the gym. Or doing exercises in my house. Or going to fitness classes. 

In fact, the only fitness-related thing I have ever really been addicted to is running. But I realized recently that running isn't enough to get my whole body in shape. Running also isn't enough to compensate when I'm eating like total crap. It is a fabulous workout and I will NEVER give it up...but I know I need to change up my routine if I am really going to get into shape. So I set a new goal. 

Exercise every single day for 30 days. 

I figured this would give me the opportunity to try new workouts and get creative with my daily routine. I suppose I could have done this little challenge alone, but where's the fun in that? Who will hold me accountable? Who will share inspirational quotes with me? Who will kick me in the pants when I feel like getting lazy?

You see...I need accountability when it comes to fitness. I need someone pushing me and encouraging me or it's too easy to give up. And I have given up before because I thought I could do it alone. But not this time!!! My friend Brittany sparked an idea about setting up a Facebook group for this sort of thing and when I finally realized it was time to start my own challenge...I made a group too.

I thought maybe 4 or 5 of my friends and family would join in just to humor me. But from the second I posted the idea, people were commenting that they wanted in!! I think we've all been wanting to do this...but just didn't know when or how to start.

Today, our little fitness group {Operation LGN} is up to almost 66 people!!!! And that's not even counting the friends I have checking in on this blog. Incredible. 

So far, this challenge has been everything I hoped it would be. Everyone is so enthusiastic and supportive. I see friendships forming left and right and EVERYONE is making such a genuine effort to be there for each other. The comments, the inspirational quotes, the exercise ideas, the's all so much fun. 

And I hope that fun continues. As we come to the end of our first week, the common word floating around the group is "sore". We are all sore and achey but that is a good thing!!!! It means we are working hard and our body is letting us know.

sore muscles

I, for one, can barely move my legs today. Haha! I just tried my first Yoga class yesterday and it was amazing. It may be my new favorite workout :-)

So as we head into week two, I hope these sore muscles give us all another dose of motivation. We are only going to get healthier and stronger from here. And I'm happy that we can all do that together as a team :-)

How I'm Feeling: Week 1

My entire body feels like jello. Haha! But that's a good thing and I love it. I have tried 4 new workouts this week and I stayed on track (for the most part) with my calories in MyFitness Pal. I haven't seen much change on the scale yet, but I know I will in time. For me, this challenge isn't about weight loss. It's about toning up and getting stronger and I do feel like I'm getting there. Slowly but surely :-)

Biggest Accomplishment:

Trying yoga for the first time and surviving :-)

Biggest Challenge:

Finding time to workout. I am afraid this will always be a challenge, but that's why home workouts are so great. There is no excuse not to do one.

My goal for next week:

Eat better. I did okay this week and stayed within my limit...but I need to try harder to make better choices. I need all sugar and bread out of my house!


Thanks so much to EVERYONE who has joined in on this challenge. Week 1 was so much fun and I am really looking forward to Week 2. I would be so happy if you all shared your feelings about this first week by either commenting on this post, or leaving a link to your blog. I love hearing and reading about everyone's goals and accomplishments. My girl Steph has brought me to tears several times with her inspirational fitness posts and my girl Amanda posted the most amazing story about her weight-loss goal yesterday. The girl has a way with words :-)

And if you guys would like to meet some of the other fabulous ladies that are a part of the group, I will link to all of their blogs here:

Amanda @ Where There is Love, There is Life
Nina @ Peace Love and Good Food
Steph @ As Told By Steph
Brooke @ Bundy's Place
Katie @ Slowly But Surely
Adrienne @ La Vita Bella
Holly @ Where We Can Live Like Jack & Sally
Cate @ Random Crafty Georgia Girl
{Forgive me ladies if I am forgetting anyone on this list!}

And for those of you that might still want to join...feel free to follow along on Fridays when I post on this blog, or e-mail me at adailydoseofdavis{at}gmail{dot}com and I will add you to the Facebook group!!! And if any of you would like some additional workout tips for the challenge, my friend Nina posted a great list on her blog. Be sure to check it out when you have time.

Have a FABULOUS weekend friends!!!


  1. Thanks Jen! Have a great weekend in that fabulous camper! :)

  2. This group has been simply awesome! It's the perfect amount of private and public and everyone is so supportive! Have a wonderful time camping in that camper of yours!

  3. You starting this challenge up was a sign to me that I needed to be more consistent with my workouts in order to continue in my weight loss journey and I Thank you every time I see someone check in on Fb! You have been such an inspiration to me with your running posts and I know that I have told you this before but I appreciate you more than you will ever know! :-) I am so excited that we all made it to week 2!! Enjoy your camping weekend!

  4. i agree, sore muscles really do feel satisfying! ;) i hope you have a happy weekend! :)

    <3, Mimi

  5. Good for you!! :) What kind of yoga did you try??

  6. Woohoo! Thanks for setting all of this up Jen! Keep kicking a$$ and taking names!

  7. Woooohooo! Week 1, done and dusted! We've all done such a kick ass job and I'm SO proud of everyone! You, my dear, are a little genius for creating this group and I'm so thankful you have! I'm looking forward to trying my P90X Yoga X workout tomorrow when I'm feeling better! I can't wait to see where we all are on day 30!

    Love ya, Twinnie! xoxoxo


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