Friday, August 31, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Week 4 Check-In

Having a 30 day fitness challenge wrap up on Labor Day was either my dumbest idea ever...or my most brilliant. I can't decide. 

For me, the next 4 days will be filled with hotdogs, hamburgers, beers and s'mores and it just doesn't seem right to not participate in all the deliciousness. As soon as Eric lights that fire my mouth will be watering for what's to come. And you know damn well he isn't roasting a salad on that fire :-)

4 weeks ago, I would have said, "Who cares! It's a holiday! I'll work it off after the weekend!"

But now that I have been exercising and trying to eat healthier for

There is no turning back now. I would be so angry with myself if I just threw all that hard work out the window right at the end of this challenge.

So you see...this was a BRILLIANT idea!! We've all worked so hard...none of us are going to want to give up now!!! At least that's what I hope the rest of the group is thinking. Ha!

Now, it's not like I'm going to turn down a hotdog or a s'more this weekend, but I am definitely going to eat those things in moderation. I have already camped once during this challenge and I know I can do workouts in the camper. We also plan to do lots of swimming, canoeing and running around so that will help too. And of you know what the BEST motivation is for me to finish strong?

The fact that I have lost those pesky few pounds that kept me from fitting into my SKINNY JEANS!

That's right guys...I zipped those bad boys up tonight and they fit just the way I remembered them back in May. Oh, it felt so good. I wish I would have had somewhere to go tonight...but I didn't so I slipped back into to my sweats. But at least now I know that when it's time to put them on for school this week...they will zip and I will feel comfortable and proud :-)

I know that losing some weight is exciting, but like I've said a million times throughout this challenge, the real goal was just to exercise more and eat healthier and hopefully make it a routine. I can honestly say now that this new routine is going to stick around for a while, but ONLY because I have this fantastic group of buddies in the Operation LGN {Look Good Naked} group that have been motivating me in SO MANY ways. 

So that's why we are going to keep the group alive even after this challenge ends on Monday. The new group name will be Operation LGN For Life and we are taking new members!! Ha! If you have been checking in with me over the last few weeks and really want to jump into the group, we would love to have you. I think we have all decided to set our own personal goals for the next 30 days. Several ladies are either starting or completing the Couch to 5K program and I know they are all doing great supporting each other and sharing their successes. I will be in full-blown Half-Marathon training {again} so my goal will be to continue that and work extra hard on my cross training. I know my Mom is still hoping to lose some weight (as are a few other ladies) so that will be their challenge for the next month. 

And since I have really, really enjoyed checking in each week, I thought it might be fun to do a little Fitness Fridays segment on the blog. I know the title is nothing original, and I am sure somewhere in the blogosphere there are others doing the same thing. But oh well! It's a catchy name :-) I just thought it might be fun and motivating to have a day where I post any success stories, share recipes and workouts, post a couple motivational quotes I've pinned on Pinterest, etc. And if enough if you are interested, we could even make it a link-up thing?? It's always fun to share :-)

And speaking of sharing...I thought I would post a couple things for all of you before the weekend.

If you are like me and planning to camp and/or attend a barbecue for Labor are some great tips I found on FitSugar for cutting calories...

And...if you are looking for a great new workout to try at home this weekend, I just completed Jilian Michael's Yoga Meltdown and LOVED IT!!! I bought the DVD from Target, but one of the workouts is actually online for free!!

Now don't be fooled or intimidated by the name. There are yoga poses in this workout...but it's Jilian Michael's style so she will kick your bootie. I loved it and so did Addie. Would you believe that little chick did the ENTIRE video with me? She even learned the word Namaste today :-)

What a doll.

Well that's all I have for you today guys!! Thanks for following along with this challenge! I will do a final 30-Day Challenge post after the weekend and hopefully post a bunch of the great success stories from all my new fitness buddies :-) Yay!

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!!


  1. I vote LINKY!! That could be because I'm currently working on my own Fitness post on a Friday! I know I've said this a million times already but THANK YOU SO MUCH for being you! :-)

  2. Can I join Operation LGN For Life in about 5.5 weeks?? :D I REALLY cannot wait to get back into the swing of things! :)


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