Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Finding Our Routine

So much is changing for us this fall and I am having a hard time coming to terms with it.

I suppose one of the biggest changes for us is that most of Addie's close friends/cousins are starting Kindergarten this fall. Her cousin Nia, her cousin Gracie, her friend Kennedy and her friend Megan are all going to be in school 5 days a week. This means all of our weekday playdates are coming to an end, which is actually a little sad for me!! When did all of the babies in my life get SO BIG?!!! It seems like only yesterday they were all sitting around in their carriers :-)

{From left: Audrey, Nia & Addie}

I know Addie isn't really going to notice the change, since her and Audrey will be in K4 preschool 3 days a week too. Everyone is just growing up so fast!!! I started filling out Addie's fall calendar and between preschool, ballet, tap and any other activities...she is going to be a busy little bee!!

Another big change that I KNOW I am going to struggle with is taking Blake to his first solo Play & Learn class. It's only 45 minutes long, once a week, but it's designed to help Stage 5 clingers like him separate from Mom for a little while. They do crafts and listen to stories and as long as I can keep his butt in the room...I think he will do okay. But it is NOT going to be easy. I am praying that my cousin-in-law Katie signs Cole up too. I think having a buddy will help a LOT!!

So the kiddies have their schedule, and Eric and I have our own. He is going to be busy once again with work and I am heading back to the classroom tonight. I am actually SUPER excited to be back to school, but I know that it also means some late nights of grading papers, designing lesson plans, answering student e-mails, etc. Busy busy.

Then of course there's our wonderful business that has been SO incredibly successful (thanks to all of you for spreading the love) and with the holidays quickly approaching, I know we will be busier than ever. But that makes me smile too :-)

And somewhere in all of this I would also like to find time to keep up my blog, continue training for our October half-marathon, take Yoga, make LOTS of holiday crafts and go camping :-)

To some...this schedule seems easy peasy. My kids are still young and I don't work a full-time job. I realize that in about 5 years, when the kids are both in school full-time and involved in a bunch of activities at once, I will be wishing I had these days back. So even though this schedule feels a little overwhelming to me right now...I want to enjoy it. I want to enjoy these days of picking my baby up from preschool and teaching for fun just one night a week. I want to enjoy the fact that we will still be able to squeeze in weekday trips to the zoo and museum. And most of all, I just want to enjoy my kiddies while they are still kiddies!!!! Everyone is growing up so fast around me...it's making me a little emotional!!!

But in order to enjoy this fall, I REALLY REALLY need to get our new routine in place. We have to fix our bedtime routine, get clothes and supplies organized for school and get some new calendars and sticker charts up on the wall. In fact, I just finished making the kid's September calendar and if you would like to do the same, I made a blank copy as well. You can download it here :-)

I would also like to get mine and Eric's schedules synced on our phones, update my Home Management Binder and start meal planning. Does anyone have any great posts or websites that they use for meal planning? Pinterest has been wonderful, but I am also looking for better ways to manage the actual planning process. I suck at that (mostly because I suck at cooking. Ha!).

I've had a few people ask me lately about my Home Management Binder and if anyone is interested, I could do another post and share all the new printables I am making for mine? Just an idea :-)

Alright friends, I need to get ready for class!!! I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday!!


  1. I can't wait for those busy days but my baby is still in the 8 month phase of playdates. Can't believe they grow up so fast! And I have trouble meal planning too. Trying really hard this week to actually do it and stick to it!

    1. Sarah...it's scary how fast my kiddies have grown up. I mean, it was seriously YESTERDAY that Addie was just crawling around the house all day. And now she is this sweet, sassy little preschooler. And I too try VERY hard to meal plan but I am just not good at sticking to it!!!!

  2. You will be busy! Definitely enjoy these days while you can. It seems like just yesterday that I was a stay-at-home mom.

    Looking so forward to your holiday goodies at The Polka Dot Posie!

    1. Thanks Brooke!!! And yes...LOTS of cute holiday goodies in the works!! You know me and Christmas :-)

  3. I'm not sure if y'all are "left over" people, but my husband and I have been taking two hours on Suday to prep our meals for the week. Then during the week nights all we have to prep is the vegetable and fruit. It saves so much week night time and makes lunches super easy also if you just make a little extra for lunch.
    It has also made us stick to our meal plan. Before we would just eat out if we didn't feel like cooking and try to save the food for later. We ended up wasting so much. Now we feel like we have to eat it because it's already prepared.
    Some examples of early prep: stuffed tomatoes, paleo pad Thai, unburgers, carne asana tacos, chicken with broccoli and sundried tomatoes and lots of others.

    1. Brandie...I have heard so many people talk about weekend cooking and my SIL, who works full time, does this often so that they have several dinners and lunches all ready to go for the week. I should really try to plan ahead and do this same thing. This is a great tip, thank you! And that whole menu you listed off sounds yummy :-)

  4. Jen - I am in love with this blog...among some other great things they have a 6 week meal plan that looks great. I like the idea of having each day of the week dedicated to a certain food/style of cooking (ex. Crockpot Thursdays). Hope this helps you!!

    1. Michelline...this looks like a FABULOUS website!!! Thank you so much for sharing this!!!


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