Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our Weekend in a Nutshell: Mamacita's Down-on-the-farm Birthday Party and a Sports Day

Happy Sunday everyone!! We have been waiting alllllllll summer to get out to my brother Adam and Sis-in-law Di's house for a little fun on the farm and since Mamacita's birthday is this week, we thought this was the perfect weekend to get out there and celebrate!

We got the whole family together for an afternoon of tractors, chickens, 4-wheelers and crazy good food :-)

This party was actually a joint birthday celebration since my Grams is celebrating her birthday on the 26th!! Here she is with all of her great grandbabies (and two of her big grand babies :-)

Like I said, we've all been looking forward to this day, but there is one little girl that has had her outfit picked out for weeks. Isn't she the cutest little farm girl you've ever seen??

And she knows it. 

Aunt Di got Addie this outfit for her birthday and something tells me a hat and cowboy boots are going to be next on the list.

In case you don't remember, my peanut LOVES Aunt Di and Uncle Adam's chickens. The first thing she wanted to do when we got there was feed them.

Of course Uncle Ado helped her out.

She's his buddy :-)

That girl went through two mason jars full of corn and those chickens were still after her.

But the boys stepped in to rescue her. These are my cousin Scott's boys and they are just the sweetest little things with Addie. 

So where was Blake you ask? Oh you know...he took a 30 second car nap so he was a little cranky at first. He was hanging on Nana...

And hanging on me...

And then he just went and pouted with his tractor...

That is, of course, until Papa came to the rescue.

And showed Blake the BIG tractor!!!

You could not get Blake off this tractor to save his life. Papa took him around and around...

And around...

And around some more. It was all he wanted to do! Unlike this little chick that wanted to ride everything. She even went on the 4-wheeler this year with Aunt Di...

And she informed me that my little peanut is a speed demon. Lord help us :-)

And speaking of speed demons...

I don't know what it is, but EVERYONE wanted a turn on these things. Uncle Ryan and Aunt Meagan took a cruise...

Even I got on for a little while...

I only trust Di to take me for a ride because she knows my speed limit. My brothers do not. Jerks :-)

Honestly, I prefer just cruising around in the golf cart. Grams and I took many laps around the yard.

And this sweet little peanut just sat and watched all the action :-) least until he discovered the tractor too!!!

The big green tractor was a hot commodity. Even Richard fought for a turn. Ha!

And then it was time to take a little break from all the toys and go inside for some cake!!

The cake Di ordered was hilarious. We all have some level of A.D.D. in our family, and we can never focus on one thing for too long. This cake proves just that. Ha!

For some reason, the cake got put out before we opened presents and the kids were totally freaking out. This is Blake saying, "Whhhhhhhhy is this cake out if we can't even EAT IT YET?"

So Great Grams tore through her gifts quickly...

And so did Mamacita...

And then Blake finally got to taste the cake :-)

The meal we had that day was freaking DELICIOUS!!!! Di made the most perfect BBQ pulled pork, my Grams made the best potato salad ever, my Aunt Kathy made to-die-for chocolate cupcakes and Diana introduced me to Baklava. Seriously...I could have eaten the ENTIRE tray of it. So so good.

I think it is safe to say that my mom and grandma had a WONDERFUL birthday celebration. We are truly one blessed family :-)


As if that wasn't enough birthday excitement for one weekend, we also celebrated my friend Barb's daughter's birthday today. Her party was at a sports facility and it was SO much fun. The kids played baseball, kickball, name it.

The adults also played a little basketball during open gym, and I got razzed quite a bit for my free-throw form...


Your back leg doesn't kick out when you make a free throw? 

Like a good friend, Barb tried to teach me the right way to stand and shoot...

But she soon realized that I was on the dance team for a reason. Ha!!


So here I 10:00pm...procrastinating my school work. We've just had such a great's hard to focus on the week ahead. But there's a LOT coming up! My first day of teaching, my Mom's actual birthday, my niece Nia's 5th birthday and mine and Eric's 6th wedding anniversary!!! WHEW!! Stay tuned for picture overload this week :-)

I hope you all had a great weekend!!!!


  1. I love all the farm pictures! Looks like you all had a great time. Like I already said, you all have such fun weekends!

  2. Busy busy weekend, lady! :) But it looks like a blast!

  3. I hope you are framing the farm picture!!!!! Cutest little family. And I love your ballet jump shot ;)

  4. I can not believe how grown up Addie looks in these pictures! And she is most definitely the cutest farm girl I have ever seen!


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