Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stop & Smell the Roses: A Birthday Message

Happy Wednesday everyone!! Its been several weeks since I linked up for:

Stop and Smell the Roses

So it's nice to be back!

I really have SO MUCH to be thankful for this week, considering we are celebrating THREE birthdays and an Anniversary. My niece Nia is going to be FIVE years old on Friday and my Grandma is going to be 85 years old on Sunday. Eric and I will also be celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary this Saturday and TODAY is my Mamacita's birthday!!! The big 5-8 (opposite of Grams. Ha!).

My mom didn't ask for much this year, but one thing she did ask for is a video of the kids singing. Now, I seriously tried 4 different times to get both kids to talk and/or sing together, and this last time was the FUNNIEST and sweetest of them all. Oh, Blake. I actually planned to say more at the end of this video but I ended it before anyone had a meltdown can thank me for that later.

So without further are the vocal stylings of my two sweet kiddies.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANA!!! WE LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!!! I said quickly in my video, the real theme of Stop & Smell the Roses this week is Life Insurance, or rather the importance of Life Insurance, and Mandy & Jeff are asking one big question:

To be honest...I think there is really only one answer to this question.

Life Insurance is important because it is another way to take care of the people we love.

We are celebrating my Grandma's 85th birthday and she tells me all the time how LUCKY she is to have had such a full life so far. She has been able to take care of her own children, her grand children and now her great grand children. And because she made the right finical decisions, she is going to be able to take care of all of us even after she is gone.

I know that's a goal for my parents and it's definitely a goal for Eric and I too. But I didn't realize how important life insurance was until someone explained it to me. And that's what I think this movement is all about. Informing people and spreading the word. So I encourage all of you to visit my friend Jeff's blog and learn more about the Life Insurance Movement and of course visit House of Rose today to enter to win some FABULOUS prizes for joining in on the conversation. Word on the street is that he busts out some pretty sweet dance moves for the occasion :-)



    Oh. My. Word. I was just SMILING the entire time I was watching the video and even well after it was done... They are the cutest darn kids on the planet!!! Blake is TOO funny and Addie is just the sweetest little girl!

    I hope your first night of school went well! I love that outfit!

    Have a fabulous week, Jen. :-)


  2. Love this! Blake sang in true Blake fashion! And I love how Addie just ignores him and does her own thing! Love those babies SO much!

  3. Oh my goodness! I'm cracking up laughing at Blake!! This was so stinkin' cute!!! Love your necklace!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAN! I bet she will cherish this video for EVER! Love Blake "NANA! NANA"! You can tell they love their Nana! Thanks for helping spread the word about #LifeAWARE!! Love ya gir!

  5. That is the best video ever :) Ha!

  6. Blakey Boy! That was so cute! Happy Birthday to Mamacita!
    (This is Tara--I have to keep posting as anonymous because I'm too dumb to figure out how to post as anything else)

  7. I've never seen you blog before and didn't expect your accent! haha. I don't know why not since I know you're a midwesterner and all! I love Blake's head banging birthday singing. So cute!

  8. HAHAHA!!! I love my mini friends. This is the best vlog you've done to date. I would like Addie and Blake to sing me Happy Birthday in March, please :)

  9. Happy birthday Jan! Addie and Blake are so cute. I just want to hug them.

  10. The kids are precious! Totally brightened my day! :)


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