Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Polka Dot Posie is Celebrating Back-to-School with a Coupon Code and a New Item!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! As promised, I am here with a very special treat from our shop!! We are celebrating back-to-school by offering all of our fabulous customers 12% off their ENTIRE ORDER!!!

Besides the holiday season, this is my FAVORITE time of year. It's my Mom's too. We love any excuse to get organized and buy a new tote (or two) and so we wanted to share some of our favorite back-to-school items from The Polka Dot Posie.

First up, we have our darling Rosie Posie Ruffle Totes!!!

 These make the perfect book bag. It's light enough to carry around all day on campus, but because it's made of canvas, it's also incredibly durable and will hold up to even the heaviest load of homework. This size is also great for teachers :-)

And because these totes have been so popular, we've decided to offer a smaller version for the little ladies in your life. This is our BRAND NEW Mini Rosie Posie Ruffle Tote!!

This tote is perfect for preschool, the library, ballet and dance class, the mall...you name it!!! The colors are bright and fun and will carry right into fall and winter.

And speaking of mini totes, let's not forget our adorable Grab-&-Go Toddler Bag!!

It comes in a variety of different polkadot fabrics and you can personalize it with your child's name. Again, this is the perfect bag for busy kiddies. It also makes a WONDERFUL gift so keep that in mind for the upcoming holidays :-)

Another great item that we LOVE for back to school is our fabulous Rosie Posie iPad/BookReader/Laptop Case!

If you're hard on your iPad, Nook, Kindle or Laptop and are constantly throwing it into bags, carrying it from room to room in your house, throwing it on the seat (or floor) of your car every morning, etc...then why not give it a little extra protection with one of these adorable, yet functional, Rosie Posie Tech Cases!! The thick padding and soft flannel lining will help protect your gadgets even if you forget to be gentle with them. We can size these cases for any tablet, book reader or laptop.

And speaking of protecting your fancy equipment, don't forget about our incredibly popular Grab & Go Camera Bags!!!

This camera bag has been a life saver for me and if you are sending a student off to college with a brand new camera...be smart and send it in one of these bags. The extra thick padding on all sides and plastic, water-resistant bottom will ensure your camera makes it safely to school...and back home :-)

In addition to all of our wonderful totes, bags and cases, we also have some wonderful accessories to help keep you and your kids organized this school year. We have our Wristlet Key Fobs in a bunch of fun colors...

As well as our Small and Medium Rosie Posie Zipper Bags to keep all of your supplies and odds-and-ends organized in your school bag.

And once all of the necessities are purchased for back-to-school...we can focus on what really matters...like looking cute in new back-to-school clothes. I promise we have a Rosie Posie Necklace to coordinate with every outfit in your closet :-)

Now is the time to stock up and save, friends!!!! Just remember to enter code BACKTOSCHOOL12 at checkout to receive your 12% off!!! But hurry...this coupon code ends on Labor Day!!

Wishing everyone a very productive and FUN school year!!!


  1. Ooooh I LOVE your Mini-Rosie Posie Ruffle Tote! They're SO cute! And your iPad covers are too cute - I want one...only I don't an iPad or BookReader to cover. Baha! I'll be sure to share this with everyone I know. What a great coupon code for AWESOME products. You know I love me some Polka Dot Posie. I may need to add to my rosette necklace collection! Haha! xoxoxo

  2. Nathan asked me to start making a list of what I wanted for Christmas. A Polka Dot Posie rosette necklace was at the top of my list. =) Hopefully he gets the hint.


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