Thursday, August 9, 2012

Welcome to Our Camper

Even though Eric and I have owned our little home-away-from-home for almost 6 months now, we realized the other day that we haven't taken any good pictures of the inside. We have about 8 million of the outside...which you all have I thought it might be fun to take a little tour of where we play, eat and sleep!! 

Come inside...

The first stop on our tour is our dining and lounge area. 

Just so you all know...that table in the center of the booth does come up...I just couldn't figure it out on my own. Haha! This table is probably the busiest place inside the camper. It's where we eat, play games, color, watch TV, etc. and when it's not a's actually another full size bed for guests to sleep on. Pretty neat, huh?

And right across from that area is the Kitchen.

Seriously...the cabinets and counter tops in this camper are nicer than the ones in my real kitchen :-) We have an oven, a microwave, a huge fridge and lots of storage. It looks small...but you can pack a ton in this little space.

I also love that you can see this great entertainment center from all areas...the couch, the table and the kitchen. It's a nice size room and I love all the storage for movies, games, etc. under the TV and stereo.

Speaking of the cool is this?

The TV actually swivels so that you can turn it from the dining/play area and face it into our master bedroom. Eric LOVES this feature :-)

And this is our Master bedroom.

It's pretty tiny and there isn't much room to move around, but we do have our own closets on either side of the bed and our own personal reading lights :-) For us, it was worth sacrificing space in our bedroom to give the kids a an awesome room like this...

The kiddie bedroom has it's own slide-out so there is a ton of floor space for playing. The little couch also turns into another full size bed for guests, but usually it is the TV watching spot for the kids at nap time and bedtime :-)

The kid's room also has great storage and two additional bunks. This is Blake's bunk with the custom mesh safety rail that my mom made...

And Addie's bunk, which is hard to get a picture of :-)

The kid's sleep so well in their room and I love that there is enough storage for their clothes AND a bunch of toys :-)

The final stop on our tour today is our little bathroom.

Everything about this room was a must for us. The great medicine cabinet, the under-the-sink storage, the extra door to the outside AND this fabulous shower and bathtub.

If you ask the kids...this may be their favorite spot in the camper :-)


Well that concludes our tour my friends!!! I hope you all enjoyed taking a quick peak inside our new digs. We are SO EXCITED to take this baby out and give it some use this weekend. 

Time to pack her up!!


  1. wow! that is a nice camper!! my family just went camping and my parents brought there trailer - I was glad we had it! but I think I would prefer to be in yours! :)

  2. Your camper is awesome Jen! Can I just come and live in it? Fancy fancy! A far cry from the pop up we had when I was a kid.

  3. JEN! This is like GLAMPING, isn't it!? Such a cute little camper you have!

  4. Really nice! I'm so jealous of your weekend weather!

  5. OMG My husband would be SO JEALOUS of this! He's been trying to convince me that we need to camp more. This kind of camping I can handle!

  6. I love your camper!! I we will be able to make an investment like this in a few years!!!!!! I love that you have a shower/TUB and not just a shower!!! Hope you guys enjoy it!!

    1. THanks Heather!! Honestly...if you are going to camper must go to an RV show. They have the most unbeatable deals and we were even able to work with a company that took my husband's old truck in on a trade-in!! It was the only way to afford this bad boy :-) Thanks for stopping by today!!

  7. That is super nice!! I could like camping in that 👍

  8. That is the size of my house, lady! But really, how nice!! Your kids will have memories for years to come. I remember "camping" as a child, but that is on a whole other level. :)

  9. HOW AWESOME!! I've never seen a camper with TWO rooms!!

  10. Oh, Jen. Your camper is super spiffy and brings back such fond memories of my camping days with the fam. I LOVE your home away from home and can't wait to hear about this weekends fun! xoxo

  11. Awe! I love it! It reminds me of the motorhome my parents had that had bunks for my brother and I! I mostly remember the time I got carsick bc I demanded that I read in my bunk while we were traveling... #campingfail Hey, next time I come? I'm going to Glamp in your trailer! Hell, we can drink wine, be loud and laugh and not wake the kiddos!!! Have so much fun this weekend! We are camping too. But, the 'broke ho' way... ;-) We will have our boat though, so that makes tenting it worth it!

  12. How did I miss this post? I have no idea.

    LOL! Anyway, I love your camper!


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