Thursday, October 18, 2012

Christmas has Arrived at ThePolkaDotPosie!

Good Morning friends!!! I have some super exciting news this morning. CHRISTMAS has arrived at ThePolkaDotPosie!!

My mom and I have been two busy ladies the last few weeks preparing for some fun new additions to the shop. On my end, I have been working to come up with our own line of printable Holiday cards and invitations!!!

I have several premade designs available for as little as $10, but if you would like your very own original, custom-made Holiday card or invitation, I can do that too for as little as $14 {prices my vary}.

On my Mom's end, she has been working to come up with a BEAUTIFUL Fall & Winter line of our super popular Rosie Posie Necklace!! Those new colors will be launched this week, along with some fabulous new STOCKING STUFFERS!!

So now that Christmas has officially arrived at ThePolkaDotPosie...we thought what better way to ring in the holiday season than with a GIVEAWAY!!!!!

That's right friends...we are giving away a printable CUSTOM HOLIDAY CARD or INVITATION!

You tell us what you love and we will design an original card or invitation just for you! Center your card around a beautiful picture, or keep it simple with a classic look. Are you hosting a holiday cocktail or tacky Christmas Sweater party? We can make anything you are looking for!!

To enter this Giveaway, head on over to ThePolkaDotPosie Blog and follow the instructions. You have 4 chances to win!

Thanks so much for stopping by today friends!!! Let the holiday season begin!!


  1. I am still holding out for Shutterfly free cards this year but if not I am all about that red chevron card. Do you offer printing to?

    1. That's an excellent question, Heather! I actually don't do printing...but read my repines to Kristy below. There are lots of great options for printing!! And hopefully you will be able to find a good coupon code too!

  2. Love all the will I possibly choose? Great job Jen! Where do you recommend printing them?

    1. Thank you sweetie!!! I have several recommendations for printing. If you want to keep things inexpensive (especially if you send a lot of cards) I have always had great luck with Wal-Mart. You just upload your invitation as a photo, select 5x7 matte finish, and then pick them up in an hour! They also sell really inexpensive white envelopes that fit a 5x7 picture :-)

      Now if you are looking for more professional quality prints, like on heavy duty card stock, I am in love with I can actually upload your picture file for you, then you go online and select your quantities. They also come with envelopes which is nice. You can usually find a coupon code for them as well.

      Honestly, you can print them all just comes down to how much you want to spend and how fast you need them. Printing at home on card stock is always a cheap option too!!

    2. Thanks Jen! We got a few sneak peeks of our family photos today on soon as I get the rest, I will be looking :)


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