Friday, October 12, 2012

Fitness Friday: Banana Split Protein Shakes & My Half Marathon Costume

Happy Friday guys! It's time again for...

I know that all of you must be SO SICK of reading about running every week on my blog. I swear I will switch gears very soon. But right now, my half marathon training is at it's peak this coming week with a 12 mile run over the weekend and then a taper down until our half marathon next Sunday!!! AHH!!! I can't believe my second race is almost here. Training for two half marathons back to back has taken a lot of time and commitment...but when I cross that finish line the second time will be so worth it. 

I hope :-)

So this week, because I have nothing but running on the brain, I thought I would dedicate this Fitness Friday to the Half Marathon. My favorite recovery smoothies, the benefit of yoga for runners and of course...a sneak peek at the outfit I will be wearing all 13.1 miles next weekend :-)

Recipe(s) of the Week: Protein Smoothies for Fuel and Recovery

I cannot take credit for these delicious protein smoothie recipes or the gorgeous, easy-to-follow recipe pictures. These are ALL curtesy of my dear friend and LGN partner, Nina. She shared these several months ago on her blog Peace Love and Good Food and I have been making them ever since. These are great for any breakfast on the go but for me...they have made the perfect recovery drink after a long run. If you like fruity, this berry banana is killer!
If you like chocolate AND peanut butter, this is like heaven in a blender...
And if the banana split is one of your FAVORITE desserts ever...then this is the smoothie for you!
Yum...Yum...YUM!!! Thank you for sharing these with us Nina!!

Workout of the Week: Yoga for Runners

The Runner's Guide To Yoga

There are SO MANY great yoga classes, DVDs and YouTube videos designed specifically for runners. For years I have heard more experienced runners say that they practice yoga but I never really understood just how many benefits it has! Runners World has a fantastic article titled The Runner's Guide to Yoga that discusses all of the health benefits and how to get started. I have noticed a HUGE difference in my balance and flexibility ever since I started doing yoga 2 months ago. It is a fabulous way to tone and stretch after long runs and I've also enjoyed the more aerobic yoga videos that actually have you breaking a serious sweat!! I wish I would have discovered this practice years ago because I am really, really loving it.

So if you are looking for a new workout to try in addition to running...become a yogi!! I promise you won't regret it.

Weekly Recap: 

So remember last week when I ran my 11 miles and said that this week I was gonna kick it into serious gear with my workouts?? Well...between camping for the weekend with the kids, celebrating my birthday and being just plain workouts have been a little scattered. I had yoga Monday, a run on Tuesday, Abs/booty/strength on Wednesday but then yesterday, when I should have gone for a run, I stayed home and celebrated my birthday with hotdogs, pizza, cake, wine and everything else that is NOT part of my training plan. haha! Whoops!

But today starts fresh with a protein smoothie for breakfast and a good 4 mile run later in the day. We have our final practice long run this weekend and we are pretty excited about it {or rather...we are excited that it is almost over. Ha!}

But I am going to need LOTS and LOTS of fuel if I am going to make it all 12 miles. At least I have my buddy running with me this week. And, we are pretty pumped because part of our half marathon costume arrived this week!!!

If this outfit doesn't make sense...let me explain a little. My friend Aimee, who is also running the half marathon with us, sat down with me one night to brainstorm over a glass of wine. Our conversation went a little something like this:

Aimee: So we're running the Monster Dash...that means we have to dress up, right?
Me: Duh! We need something with tutus.
Aimee: I'm down with tutus. But shouldn't we actually dress as something? You a monster or something?
Me: T-Rex is a monster.
Aimee: A cute monster.
Me: Have you seen all the T-Rex comics on Pinterest?
Aimee: You mean like the T-Rex Hates push-ups one?
Me: YES! Or the, "If You're Happy and You know it Clap Your...Oh :("
Aimee: YES!!

{20 minutes of laughing while we search Pinterest on our phones for T-Rex jokes}

Aimee: We need to wear a T-rex shirt for the race. With crazy socks.
Me: And tutus.
Aimee: And tutus. Bam. We have our outfit.

As you can imagine, it didn't take long to get Dana or my friend Carol on board for the outfits too. I could you NOT think this t-shirt is funny? I mean unless you are like my friend Chelsi, who didn't get the humor at first. It's okay...I still love ya girl!

Deciding on the outfit was easy, but finding all the right pieces was another story. We knew we wanted to go with pink and black for the costumes (black because it's slimming and pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month). But to find this funny T-Rex shirt to perfectly match the socks we found seemed impossible!! 

That is until I stumbled upon Maja Boutique on Etsy. They were SO AMAZING to work with! She made the shirts just like we wanted and had them shipped within 2 days!!! I will definitely order from them again.

And as for the tutus...well...that's a project for the weekend :-)


Well thanks for stopping by for Fitness Friday friends!! I hope you'll link up and join us today!!


  1. You guys are going to look so cute! I'll definitely have to try the yoga. I did Pilates for a long time, but this sounds great!

  2. Wow! it is awesome post. This post is only for them who has great idea. Go on with. We want this kinds of post regularly for our best.

    Beautiful travelling places.

  3. I can't wait to try some of Nina's smoothies! They look amazeballs! And, I freakin' love your costumes. I remember pinning that pin on Pinterest and I laughed for a good 30 minutes (there were tears). Love the color combos and can't wait to see you all rock the shit out of your half- marathon! :) xoxo

  4. HA! Thanks for sharing my smoothie recipes, love!! I'm glad you're enjoying them. Also? I am obsessed with your half marathon costumes! You are going to crush it my running star. Love you lots!! xxox

  5. LOVE the Monster Dash!!! It is a beautiful course and the weather is AWESOME. I wish I was able to run it this year! Can't wait to see pictures!!!

  6. OMG those shirts are hilarious!! I've been meaning to pick up that whey powder and keep forgetting. I did try Nina's "icecream" last night and boy have I been missing out!! You are going to kill your long run this weekend!


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