Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Have a Date With a Potty

Potty Training.

I had it so damn easy with Addison. 

So. Freaking. Easy.

I remember listening to other friends stress over their kids potty training issues and all I could do was thank God that Addie figured it out quickly. But I sorta forgot I would have to do it again.

So Blake. My sweet, stubborn, pain in the butt. This boy is showing EVERY SINGLE SIGN that he is ready to potty train, and has been showing them for several months. I did a Stop & Smell the Roses vlog months ago where I showed off his cute new undies, his potty seat, etc.

Well here I am, 3 months later, still buying diapers. We have gone on the potty one time. 


But that is all he has given me. In his defense, I haven't been pushing it either. Because Blake is such a stubborn little peanut, I have tried to back off and let him come to me. But now we are to the point where he tells me every single time he does potty in his diaper, he doesn't like wearing his diaper, he talks about the potty and being a big boy AND he tries to go sometimes. He is just impatient. And so am I.

So today I broke down and bought something I said I was NOT going to do.

I bought Blake a pimped out Lightening McQueen potty complete with a gear shift that makes engine noises.

I have no idea if this will make any difference, but it's worth a shot. I am desperate.

So I have a date with a potty today. Lots of drinks. Lots of sitting around. Lots of trying.

Wish us luck my friends!!! Feel free to share any other advice you might have :-)


  1. Good luck! I am dreading potty training with all that I am. Hang in there!!

  2. Don't feel alone, I am having the WORST time getting Jaxin to #2 in the potty. He will #1 all day long but when it comes to #2, I may as well just forget it. Not to mention Jax is already 3.5 years old. UGH! I have tried a Potty Bank. Yes, I paid my kid to potty but still no #2. I have tried every type of bribery I could think of. He does wear pull up only because he will literally pee anywhere he is. One the street, in the yard, you get the point. Embarrassing but if it works, it works! I hear boys take longer than girls. I have no experience with girls. My oldest was potty trained in 2 days flat. So I just don't know but I do feel your pain. I am open for suggestions as well! Have a great day!

  3. Hang in there friend. Potty training was seriously the hardest thing I have ever done. It is so frustrating. And Nathan still has to wear pull ups to bed. And now back to the drawing board since now Logan is ready. I just keep the potty seat in the living room and keep him bare bottomed. That's what worked with Nathan.

  4. Oh boy! I'm terrified that my daughter's going to be that 4 year old still in diapers. She's so defiant (which she gets from me). Which I use to think was cute, but not so much now. We haven't started her yet because she's only 17 months, but it's getting closer to that time, and I'm already nervous...

    Good luck with son though. Hopefully he'll catch on soon.


  5. Good luck, Twinnie! Keep your chin up! xoxo

  6. Good luck! I have started potty training Griffin a little bit, but haven't been consistent with it! Boy are hard!! It took a while for Parker to figure it out too! I'm trying to not let myself stress about it & keep telling myself he will do it when he's ready!! We'll see!!

    Let me know how the Lightning McQueen potty chair works out!! Griffin loves "McQueen"....might be worth the investment!!

  7. Love it! Hey, if it works, good for you...and Blake! :)

  8. I am in love with the cars potty! My son is 2 1/2 and will go number one all day long, but refuses to go number two. So frusterating. Let me know if the cars potty works, because I might have to give that a try.

  9. Oh boy yes. The Potty Training Days. So. much. fun. :(


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