Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our Weekend in a Nutshell: A Potty Training Update, A Visit with Friends and a Little Game of Where's Waldo

Happy Sunday friends! We have had a great weekend around here and I wanted to hop on tonight just to share a few fun things.

First...I have a FABULOUS potty update from the Blakester. Turns out the McQueen Potty WAS magic and my little guys is well on his way to becoming diaper free!!! We have only had a few accidents here and there, mostly at times when he's been distracted playing (or when we've been distracted and didn't ask). I realize this is all very new for him so I am letting those few accidents go because overall, he is doing amazing. He is going #1 and #2, waking up dry from naps (when he takes one) and last night when he had a sleepover at my mom and dad's, he had a diaper on for bed but asked Nana to take it off so he could go one more time! Seriously...the kids is blowing my mind. I guess he was just finally ready :-) Yay Blakey Boy!!!

Second...we were FINALLY able to coordinate a visit with Auntie Tara and the kiddies this weekend!!! We've all had some crazy schedules the last few months so when Tara said they were making a trip to Chicago and could stop by for a little play date, we were all so excited!

I haven't seen Cora and Brynn since the summer and I couldn't get over how much they've grown! These two peanuts are already celebrating their second birthday this week!! Can you believe it?

Here is precious Cora Dollie

And her sis Brynn (or Brynnie Boo). Addie was so excited to play with the babies...although they're not really babies anymore. Tear :-(

And clearly Blake understood that, considering he was ALL OVER Cora the whole time they were there. He was sneaking kisses...

And hugs...

He was like a love sick little puppy :-)

These two used to be like that...but now they are in a much more advanced and mature stage in their relationship. They don't lay around in their little bath robes anymore...they prefer having some tea...

And doing some innocent cuddling...

While reading a book.

I'm sure that will only last so long. Look out Tara...we may have TWO marriages in our future.

It really was great getting to see Tara, Pat and the kids this weekend. It's hard making time but when we do, it's so worth it. Luckily, I get some girl time with Tara in just two short weeks when she comes back up for the Hot Chocolate 5K. Woohoo!!

Before the party left, we tried REALLY hard to get a picture with all 5 kids. This was the best we got.

Better luck next time. Ha!

And third, this weekend was the big race!!! Let me just say...all of us did FANTASTIC!! Dana and I ran hard and strong and finished with a time that we are both SO proud of!!! But I am going to save that recap for Fitness Friday because I want to get some pics from my Dad's camera and frankly, this mama is too pooped to write that much tonight. 


I got the BEST surprise from my Dad today and I just can't wait to share it.

So remember how I said on Friday that my Dad was preparing to run a 5K with me in two weeks? Well...when we got to the race today, my Dad told us that we needed to "find him" in the crowd. We knew he was dressing up in costume, but had no idea what he would be wearing. 

Well when we came out of the parking garage, we spotted him...or rather...we spotted WALDO!!!

We laughed so hard at his costume. But then, I noticed something pinned to his pant leg. 

A race bib?

I stood confused for a second and then I realized...the goofball SIGNED UP FOR THE MONSTER DASH 5K!! Him and my mom had been keeping this secret for months and I seriously had NO idea he signed up for the race today. He just wanted to run with me a little sooner. 

I sure wish we could have run on the same path at the same time today, but the half marathoners took off from the gate ahead of the 10K and 5K I didn't get to watch him start or finish. BUT...Eric said he got some pictures with my Dad's camera and I can't wait to go through them :-)

I am so SO proud of him!! Not only for taking the leap and running his first race alone, but also for finishing it and earning his medal too!!!! I was so happy to share this day with him.

Well that's all I have in me tonight friends!! Time to go rest these tired legs and drink a little wine :-) But I have LOTS of fun in store for the blog this week. Remember, you have until tomorrow night to enter for your change to win a free custom holiday card, and then on Tuesday, we will announce the winner and launch of all our fabulous new holiday stocking stuffers!! Can't wait for that.

And then of course, I may have a few other holiday surprises, followed by a big Fitness Friday post.

I hope you all had a great weekend too!!!


  1. Love all of the pictures you got of our visit! Brynn has a little boyfriend--another friends' son--so I'm liking these Blake/Cora and Addie/Connor combos. Haha! Could you imagine the two of us helping to plan a wedding? Haha! The kids had a lot of fun, and Connor is still talking about that sleepover he and Addie were planning.
    Congrats on the big half marathon today!!

  2. All the kids are so cute! And way to go Blake. I'm glad the new potty worked. Ahhh I have to wait in suspense until Friday?! :)

  3. I kind of sort of teared up reading about how your Daddy-o surprised you. Ha! He's so sweet, and makes the cutest Waldo I've ever seen! Haha! You had such a blessed and exciting weekend, Twinnie. I'm impatiently waiting for Fitness Friday's post, but in the meantime I just have to say once again how proud I am of you :) You rock! xoxo

  4. You look so cute! The outfits were adorable. How fun of your Dad to surprise you. Congrats on finishing the half!

  5. Aww so many cute things in one post!!

    First of all congrats on the race! It's so sweet that you and your Dad ran together. (I like your outfit by the way!)

    And those pics of the kiddos are too cute! Do I spy a Polka Dot Posie flower on the girls shirts? I like the last picture best. It's so funny trying to ghet them to all be still, yet the final picture seems to good to try again. After all, it does capture them beng themselves doesn't it?


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