Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Davis' go Camping at Yogi Bear...and Celebrate Halloween

This weekend, Eric and the kids and I ended our very first camping season with a bang. We went back to Yogi Bear's Jellystone Campground for their Halloween weekend and it was an absolute BLAST!!

{Disclaimer: Eric informed me that we both look like we have baby bumps in this picture. I can assure you that both of us are NOT pregnant. Ha!}

We have had this weekend planned for almost 2 months and Addie has been asking me every day {for weeks} when we are going back to Yogi Bear. So imagine my excitement when we FINALLY pull into the campground and turn around to see the kid's faces...

Not the reaction I was expecting :-)

But it didn't take long for those two to perk up. The first thing we had to do when we got there was decorate our camper a bit. So the kids helped me with the windows...

And Eric took care of a few outside our spooky spider :-)

And then it was time for the evening hayrack ride with Cindy Bear!! Addie's BFF :-)

Let me tell you something was colder than a witch's bootie this weekend. But that did not phase this kid...

Or his buddy Carson.

And honestly, it didn't phase Heather and I either...especially after we indulged in some spiked carmel apple cider to warm us up :-)

The next morning, this beauty was up and ready to go!

So while Blake and Daddy started making some chili...

My girl and I had some bonding time.

And we played a little golf :-)

After meeting back up with Eric and Blake, our whole clan headed down to Carson's Birthday Hayrack ride with Yogi!!!!!

Tim and Heather were so sweet...they rented a private hayrack ride for Carson {their little guy who turned 3 this weekend} and even made sure to add extra birthday wishes for me and our friend Mike. Yay for October Birthdays!!! It was so fun camping with our whole group of "camping buddies"

And really...what's a birthday hayrack ride without some spooky Jell-O treats :-)

Aside from the chilly was a beautiful fall weekend.

And everyone was excited and happy to be there :-)

When the ride was over, it was time for some Yogi love...

Even Blake got in on the love.

After the hayrack ride, these kids needed a little down time to prepare for what was next...but as soon as I pulled out their costumes...they were bouncing off the walls.

So we let them get dressed a little early :-)

Aren't they adorable in their little costumes? I freaking love Halloween

First up on the agenda that night was the costume parade and contest. The kids were in awe of all the great costumes people had...but this guy sorta scared the shit out of them. Haha!

And of course...Addie made a new princess friend.

The parade was fun. It was basically just a walking tour around the campground but everyone got into the spirit.

And then afterwards, it was time for the contest!!!

Blake was actually picked as a finalist in his age group...but the kitty at the end took the prize :-)

This was the part where the girl announced Blake as a race car driver and he screamed, "I NOT A RACE CAR DRIVER!! I McQUEEN!!!" And then he ran off the stage a little pissed. Hahaha!

Addie was picked as a finalist too {and froze her butt off}...but Mulan took the cake. She deserved it...her costume was just adorable. 

So the only costume winner from our group was CHANDLER!!! He won scariest costume for his age group :-) 

By this point in the day, the little kiddies were tuckered out, so Eric took Addie by herself to the magic show and she loved eery second of it. 

And once ALL the kids were in bed, the adults were able to enjoy Tim and Heather's FABULOUS new outdoor theater. We will never have to wait for "Move in the Park" again. Woohoo!!

It's so hard to believe that our camping season has come to an end. I feel like it was only yesterday that I was making our little camping binder and setting up shop. I am truly going to miss the camper and all our buddies this winter, but Spring will be here before we know it.

So until then...thanks for all the memories Yogi!!! We'll miss you!!!


  1. I think this was your best weekend ever!!
    I'm glad everything went Great

  2. If I ever go camping this is how I want it to be ha! How fun!?

  3. Spiked apple cider...yes please. Love these that it's Fall!!!

  4. I love every single part of this post! The cool temps, the scarves, the costumes, the chili, the spiked cider...aaaah to go camping again. SO much fun! Glad you guys had such a ball! Roll on next year and more Yogi fun for the Davis'! :)

  5. You make camping look so much fun... and fashionable, too!


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