Monday, November 19, 2012

Our Weekend + Monday in a Nutshell

Happy Monday {almost Tuesday} friends!! Sorry I am coming to you a little late today, but I've been busy cuddling and taking care of my baby girl. It seems the flu has invaded our house (despite my best efforts to keep it away this year). I was really, REALLY hoping that Addie's tummy ache this morning was just the result of 3 straight days of parties and treats. 

On Friday, she had her Thanksgiving Feast at school...

And she indulged in several of these homemade turkey cookies...

 Then after school, while Mommy was busy seeing Breaking Dawn: Part II with Auntie Tara and Tommers...

Addie and Blake were getting spoiled by Nana and Papa. And you KNOW those two got plenty of treats when they were there.

Saturday was more of the same...Ice skating, lunch with Daddy, a trip to Home Depot (where you know Daddy let her buy a snack), etc.

And of course Sunday, we celebrated Thanksgiving with Eric's family and we had the most DELICIOUS spread this year. Sadly, I don't have pics right now of the amazing desserts that followed our turkey feast...but let's just say that we ALL went a bit overboard on those :-)

So after 3 straight days of fun and seemed logical that Addie could just have an upset tummy. But after a whole day of the's clear that this is more than that. She has been one miserable little peanut.

And so tonight, I've decided that I need to keep my watchful mommy eyes on BOTH kiddies. I am so scared that Blake is going to wake up sick too and I just want to make sure I am right there if he does. The kids think this whole family room sleepover thing is an awesome idea...let's just hope I feel the same way tomorrow.

So say a little prayer if you can tonight, friends! I know the flu is just a part of life but my heart breaks when I see my kiddies so miserable. Praying we all feel good as new in the morning :-)


  1. Awww!!! Addie is so cute even when she is sick! You are such a good Mommy! We'll keep you in our prayers. The flu stinks big time!

  2. POPS feels so sad when his little girl is sick. I always pray for her and love her soooo much.


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