Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So What Wednesday: Christmas Confessions & The Sickies


* All I do is talk about Christmas in this post, even though Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Sorry Pilgrims...Jesus wins :-)

* I watched the Phineas and Ferb Christmas special all by myself yesterday. The kids lost interest after about 5 minutes but I stayed in the family room and watched the whole damn thing. And I liked it.

* I really suck at sticking to Christmas budgets. As soon as I think I am done with someone, I find another gift that is PERFECT for them. Son of an Elf.

* I am so paranoid when my kids are sick, I make us all sleep in a room together.

* When I clearly haven't showered or changed from my PJs and the mailman or UPS guy comes to my door at 1:00 in the afternoon...I always lie and say that I am sick. However...this excuse is going to get old pretty quick, considering they are coming to my house almost every day now. I heart online shopping...and yoga pants.

* I am praying for snow. Pretty sure I am the only one (besides my dad) that would love some snow on the ground right now. It just doesn't feel like the holidays without it!!!

* I have pinned a million creative ideas for our Elf on the Shelf's hiding places this year {and even made a calendar}, but I suddenly have zero motivation to follow through with any of them. Lately, I feel like a rockstar if I can manage to get my kids to bed on time, do some work for school or the business and get a few minutes to relax with Eric...I just don't know if I have it in me to fill my sink with marshmallows or sprinkle flour all over my floor every night. There may be a few special nights where Toodles the Elf gets into some silly trouble, but mostly he will just be hanging from ceiling fans or chillin with Mr. Squirrel. 

* I drink out of my Starbucks red mug every day now. Even if it's just water. I love it that much.

* I've eaten my body weight in Keebler Jingles cookies this week. I want them out of my house {considering they are not part of my healthy eating plan}, but I feel sad wasting them. They are so delicious and honestly...I feel like I'm doing my kids a favor by eating them all myself.

And finally...So what if

* This is one of my favorite link-ups ever :-)

So What Wednesday


  1. Hahaha, thanks for the morning laugh. My post was kinda sad so I am glad I hoped over to yours. Son of an elf??? Killing me! I am actually guilty of watching the Christmas shows by myself too. I bought Arthur's Christmas and Jax watched it for 10 minutes and I watched the whole shabang. Oops. As usual, love your posts and your fantastic sense of humor!

  2. I can't wait to Griswold to come back on Friday! I get one month of good behavior bc of that little guy. I haven't even started Christmas shopping. I'm so behind this year!

  3. "Sorry Pilgrims...Jesus wins :-)" Bahahah! I love you Jen Davis! Hope y'all had a happy thanksgiving! :)

  4. SON OF AN ELF! Love it. You're hilarious. ;-)

  5. I love out matching red cups. I drink out of mine religiously too and it always makes me smile!


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