Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Prep and a Darling "Thankful" Printable

With Thanksgiving a mere 10 days away...it's time that I stop worrying about Christmas trees and start planning for all the feasting festivities we have planned next week!!

Our first feast will take place this Friday at Addie's preschool. The kids get to eat, and parents get to come for dessert. I am making some very special cookies this year that I am PRAYING turn out as cute as the picture {recipe here}.

Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

And then on Sunday, we will be celebrating with Eric's family. His Uncle Dave cooks a GINORMOUS bird and the rest of the family brings a thousand delicious sides. Everyone leaves with their pants unbuttoned, which is really how every holiday meal should end :-)

Luckily, we will have almost a week to recover before we host Thanksgiving at our house for my side of the family! We are cooking two birds as usual, one in the oven and one deep fried (Eric's specialty). We are having our Thanksgiving on the 25th which means that Thanksgiving Day is WIDE OPEN!!! This has never happened. Ever. But with crazy schedules this year...it's the only way to make it work.

So instead of having a third turkey that day, Eric and I decided we would take the kids to see a movie!! Unless I can find something more Christmasy, I think we will hit up Wreck it Ralph. Ha!

Wreck-It Ralph Poster

It's going to be a super fun week, but there is SO MUCH to get done. In addition to making cookies for Addie's class party, I also wanted make a "thankful" gift for her teachers. Last year, I gave Addie's teachers mums with a little topper stuck in it. They were such a huge hit...I think I am going to do the same thing this year.

And if you are looking for a cute teacher gift or some toppers to stick in the centerpiece of your holiday table...feel free to download my tag here!

Somewhere in the middle of all this crafting, baking and planning...I need to clean my house. 

Like...SERIOUSLY clean my house. We still have outdoor stuff that needs to be put away for the season, our carpets haven't seen the shampooer since we SPRING cleaned the house and honestly...my oven could use a major scrub before Mr. Turkey arrives.

But if you need help like me to get all of these tasks done, here are some of my FAVORITE checklists.

And of course if you follow 100 Days to Christmas, you know that this is cleaning week!!! They have some great tips to help get you organized :-)


  1. I love these cookies! Pinterest is addicting and gives me way too many projects. :) Kaden has his first feast at school this week!

  2. Those cookies are so adorable! Pinterest find? Also, I heart your toppers and I'd die of cuteness overload of one of my students gave me mums with that inside!


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