Monday, December 10, 2012

A Sick Day & Last Chance to Enter My Giveaway!

Hi friends and Happy Monday! I typically like to do my Weekend in a Nutshell post today and I have plenty of fun to catch up on from the weekend. 

But...this mama is taking her turn being sick today. Boo!! I have an INSANE week ahead and I want to do as much resting as I can before the craziness begins. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Christmas sickies?? All I pray is that EVERYONE is healthy for the next two weeks so we can enjoy all the fun we have in store :-)

And speaking of fun...and Christmas...and GIFTS...don't forget to enter my Something About Silver giveaway!! It ends tonight!!!

Chat with you all tomorrow!!


  1. Feel better, lady! And keep those adorable kiddos healthy for the holidays! ;)


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