Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Craziness & Sneak Peek of What Santa and Papa Have Been Working On

It is amazing how much holiday cheer you can pack into one week when you are a Mom on a mission. 

When I woke up Monday morning and realized that everyone in our house was FINALLY back to normal...I decided there was no better way to celebrate our health then with a big Peppermint Mocha and a Snowman cookie :-)

Blake and I spent that morning running some last minute Christmas errands and then after a nice nap, it was time for Addie's Christmas Program!!

The kids were just ADORABLE!!!! They sang and performed their little hearts out and I couldn't help but get tears in my eyes when I thought of all those precious babies that will not get to perform in their own Christmas program this year. I think all of us were counting our blessings that night and thanking God for moments like these.

One thing that Addie has been waiting for all month long is her email from Santa. Two years ago, I was introduced to Portable North Pole  and made Addie her very first video message from Santa. We videotaped the whole thing and it was adorable. Last year, we made one for Blake too, although he still didn't have the attention span to sit through it or even realize what was going on. But this year...both kids were SO EXCITED to get their videos from Santa. And I am proud to say...they are both officially on the Nice List. For now...

And speaking of just isn't Christmas unless you force both kids to stand in line at the mall to visit this jolly fellow. Addie doesn't need any convincing. She would sit on his lap all freaking day and talk to him about earrings, crafts, what she did in school today, etc. Blake, on the other hand, typically needs some warming up. I had to get in the picture again this year...but at least no one cried!! And Blake did end up telling him his name and what he wants for Christmas. I believe there was also a high five in there :-)

On Wednesday, Addie also had her preschool Christmas party. I got to help out this year and be in charge of BINGO. I had the best time...I LOVE getting to be in her classroom.

Wednesday was actually her last day of school and ballet for the year, so we celebrated our first day off by baking cookies. 

And then last night, while the kiddies were in taking their bath, Toodles and Pierre laid out their Christmas jammies and left them tickets for the Christmas Lights Express!!

Addie screamed so loud when she saw the ticket that she scared Blake. He had no idea what the hell was going on...and then when he saw the elf in his room, he started screaming with excitement too. Such goofballs :-)

The kids both passed out as soon as we got home from driving around last night, which is a good thing because we had a birthday party today!!!

My cousin Diane's little boy Logan is already a year old!! I can't believe it. They had his party at this little zoo today and the kids had a blast. We got to sit around and have some cake...

Hang out with our homies...

And then we got to pet some animals and walk around to see all the Zoo Christmas lights!!

The cold didn't even phase these kids. They would have played all night if we would've let them! Blake got to wear my cousin-in-law Chuck's Spider-Man hat and the kid did NOT want to take it off. I guess I know what I am on the hunt for after Christmas. Ha!

As I type this, my kiddies are all snug in their beds and I am about to pour a glass of wine and watch The Twelve Dates of Christmas again. It's one of my favorite ABC Family original movies :-) I need to make sure I rest up tonight though because these next 3 days are going to be jam packed with MORE holiday fun!! 

I seriously feel like a kid again waiting for Santa to arrive. Every year I am excited to give the kids their gifts, but this year Eric and I have something very special for each of them. Blake has wanted a Power Wheels since LAST Christmas but we knew he was a little too young to drive it so we resisted and waited until this year. He is going to lose his mind when he sees his Jeep :-)

And then there's Addie's gift. 

When I was a little girl, my Dad built me the most beautiful custom dollhouse that I spent hours playing in every day. I planned on keeping that dollhouse to pass on to my daughter someday, but thanks to two reckless idiots (who shall remain nameless) my dollhouse got destroyed in a little basement wrestling match 10 years ago.

So when Addie came along, my Dad already started making plans in his head. When I came to him this year and told him that I was ready for him to build Addie her dollhouse, his eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas. I managed to score an INCREDIBLE deal on this Melissa & Doug dollhouse kit...

Melissa & Doug The House That Jack Built - Katherine
And when I saw how much it resembled my Mom and Dad's house...

Home Sweet Home

I knew it was the one. 

This gift is technically from Santa, but we are telling Addie that Santa invited Papa to his workshop at the North Pole to help him build this dollhouse for her. My Dad has spent so many hours building this house and putting so many of his own unique touches on it...I just want her to know that he was the one that built it. He just finished the dollhouse this week and he sent me this picture of the paint job.

Isn't it GORGEOUS?!!!!! I cried when he sent me the pictures. I've seen his progress all along but to see it finished and looking SO PERFECT...I just couldn't hold it in. I seriously cannot wait for Addie to wake up Christmas morning and see this waiting for her. The inside is the part I got to help with a bit but I am saving those pictures for later when we get all of her furniture in. Its going to be a mix of new Loving Family Dollhouse furniture and some of my old dollhouse furniture that my Dad managed to save.

I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As Addie would say...ONLY 3 MORE SLEEPS!!!!!


  1. I love, love, LOVE this post! The Christmas spirit you have is so infectious. :-) I adore it! I can't wait to see pictures of the kiddos with their gifts! I can only imagine their excited little screams... :-) Happy Holidays Jen! Lots of love!

  2. Aw, Twinnie I love how this post iss filled to the brim with holiday cheer! Your week has been like mine, crazy, but entirely enjoyable nonetheless :)

    Oh, and (even though you sent a pic of it last night) I still got teary eyed when I saw your Dad's dollhouse with the explanation. I can't wait to see pictures of Addie's face. What a sentimental and absolutely beautiful Christmas gift!!
    Love ya xoxo

  3. You guys are adorable! :) And hooray for all being healthy. LOVE love LOVE the doll house! She is going to love it!

  4. Awww.... That is such a awesome doll house! And it does look a lot like your parents house, which makes it all the more special. I like your "but thanks to two reckless idiots (who shall remain nameless) my dollhouse got destroyed in a little basement wrestling match 10 years ago" It made me laugh.

  5. Beautiful work by your Dad. How special that it looks like your parents home. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

  6. I teared up when I saw this whenever and wherever you first posted it. My grandpa built me and my two other cousins dollhouses one year and while they were all wood and not painted to such detail, they were amazing and decorated on the inside and they were really so special. Unfortunately, I have no idea where mine is. My parents moved several times then you know the debacle of a divorce/my step dad dying a few years ago. I'm afraid it was probably left behind in an attic or something. Because no one seems to know where it is. My mom has a known history of selling things at garage sales that mean a lot to me. :( this may or may not be a reoccurring topic in counseling!!! Ha! Anyhow, this will totally be something that Addison will cherish forever and you're so lucky (as I know you know) to have your papa around to be so damned handy. I can't WAIT to see the inside and the details of Addie's reaction!!! Love your Christmas Spirit, girlfriend! I meant to text you a pic of my 13 foot tree. Haha!


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