Friday, December 21, 2012

Health & Fitness Friday: Goals for 2013

Happy Friday Friends! Sorry I am coming to you a little late this morning...but this week totally got away from me!

Like I said last week, I've been doing a lot of thinking about what I want my 2013 Health & Fitness goals to be. This year I accomplished something I never imagined in my wildest dreams. I finished not one...

But TWO Half Marathons.

I could not be more proud of myself for accomplishing this goal. If you would have told me even two short years ago that I would run 13.1 miles...TWICE...I would have told you that you were crazy.

But now I have two beautiful medals hanging on my wall that remind me every day that ANYTHING is possible if we put our minds to it.

Never say never.

Ever since I ran my first half, people have been asking me if I have any desire to run a full marathon. I will admit...the thought did cross my mind when I witnessed all the excitement with the Chicago marathon this year. I mean...what an incredible goal to set. I can't imagine the feeling of accomplishment that you would have after 26.2 miles!!!

But here's the thing...

The time that I have to run/workout is rather limited while my kids are young. I'm a stay-at-home-mom,  Eric's work schedule is completely unpredictable, and the time and dedication it takes to train for a full marathon is just not in the cards for me. I BARELY got in what I needed to train for the half...I can't imagine finding the time for a full right now.

But some day...when time isn't as much of a factor...I may consider a full. We will see :-) It's just not a goal of mine for 2013.

BUT...that doesn't mean I don't want to challenge myself again this year. Running those half marathons kept me in shape, they kept me on track and best of all...they kept me MOTIVATED!!!! But I don't' want to spend the whole year training like I did last year. I want to enjoy some fun 5Ks like The Color Run and possibly the Warrior Dash. I want to run more with my Dad and my family. And of course, I would like to get some 8Ks, 10Ks or 15Ks under my belt as well. 

And then in October, I plan to run the Monster Dash Half Marathon again!!!! That race was so much fun...I honestly can't pass it up. It will be a great fall race to train for and I am hoping to drag my girl Amanda to Chicago to run it with me :-)

You see...all this talk about running already has me motivated!!!! So what are your fitness goals for 2013? I am sure that if you are like me, you are going to need to kick start your working out once the holidays are over, so one thing I am going to do is start another 30 Day Challenge...but I will talk more about that next week. This week I just want to focus on the goals and where I hope 2013 will take me :)


  1. I'm trying to figure out my goals as we speak. My biggest goal for 2012 was to be in the best shape of my life before I turned 30. And I accomplished it. But right after my bday last month I completely fell of the wagon. Unacceptable. I've decided to stop beating myself up over it and just start fresh after Christmas.

  2. This is great, Jen! And you even ran one half marathon in a tutu! I need to go write up my goals!

  3. YAY! Can't wait to run the Monster Dash with you next year, Twinnie! :) You're such an inspiration! I totally need to write up my goals and start kicking ass. I hope I'll have a list of accomplishments like yours!

    Love ya and I'm so proud of you! xoxoxo


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