Friday, December 7, 2012

Health & Fitness Friday: A Santa 5K & A Vegan Feast

Happy Friday friends!!! It's that time again!

I've decided that there is no better way to run a 5K then with your friends and family...especially when you are all dressed like Santa :-)

On Sunday, my Dad, my Aunt Judy and my cousins Jill and Jarrod drove to the city to run the Santa Hustle and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

For one thing, the weather was gorgeous in Chicago. When my Dad told me he signed us up for a race on December 1st I thought oh shiz...I better stock up on some cold running gear. But it ended up being 60 degrees and sunny that day!!

OK seriously...I have no idea what is going on with my crazy beard in all of these pictures. Ha! But here I am with my buddy Tommers, who met us at the race. I completely peer pressured him into running this race and I think he is happy I did :-)

There were over 8,000 Santas lining the streets of Chicago that day and I am sure it was quite a sight for those looking down from their high rises.

The race line moved pretty quick (unlike the Hot Chocolate 5K) and before we knew it...we were off and running. Here is the token shot of my Dad and I in action :-)

My Dad, Aunt Judy, Jill and I made a pack to stick together this race and I am so glad we did. We were able to enjoy our cookies together...

Shoot the breeze together...

And stop for picture breaks together.

This was my 18th race and NEVER in my life have I seen a banner for a Candy Station on a course. 


Screw water. We got M&Ms :-)

I am, once again, SO SO PROUD of my Daddy-O for doing so well in this race.

Him and my Aunt Judy haven't crossed a finish line together in 25 years and I know how special this moment was for the both of them :-)

Now...I am usually ALL FOR drinking some free beer after a race but I have to admit...this whole milk & cookies after party was pretty awesome too :-)

Cheers to good times and another race in the books :-)

Getting out there and running this weekend is ALWAYS the kick in the pants I need to get motivated again. I swore I would never register for a winter race, but Tommers already has me thinking about one in January. This would push me to run outside in the cold, which I am NOT good at, but it would definitely be a new challenge??!! Ah! Damn peer pressure :-)


So on the health front this week, we are still working hard to eat healthier meals at home, but as Christmas gets closer, this is becoming an even bigger challenge for all of us. Our calendar is full (just like everyone else's) and we have been on the go a LOT lately. I know it will only get crazier in the coming weeks so I decided that instead of stressing about our new goal...I'm just gonna roll with it. I will continue to plan meals and cook on the nights we can be home, and try my hardest to make smarter choices when we are on the go.

And speaking of food...

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, my English students have been working with a collection of essays this semester that all address the food crisis in America. One of my students is Vegan and he has introduced us to so many new things this semester. He was the one that encouraged us to all go meatless for a week, and even encouraged a few students to start cutting out meat for good! To treat us for going meatless, he decided to cook a vegan holiday feast for us this week complete with raw brownies and pecan bars...

Vegan greenbean casserole...

Celebration roasts...

And Egg-less Nog :-)

Every single person in the class went back for was all THAT delicious. It was a totally new experience for me and although I am not sure I could ever be 100% Vegan, I am definitely trying some of his recipes :-)

So how was everyone else's week in the health and fitness department?!!!


  1. That looks SO FUN! Love the Santa hats! It's getting harder to stay on track as Christmas gets closer here too. Busy = convenience food. Trying to stay on track! I'm doing a 5k tomorrow and seeing your pictures makes me excited for it, thanks! :)

    1. Good luck sweetie!! I know you will do great tomorrow!

  2. I love that you all ran the race as a family! So fun!!
    As for the healthy eating totally get it. With being on the go so much we have had to eat out a few times here and there. All I can do is find the best thing on the menu for me and then work out extra hard the following morning. haha.
    And that vegan food looks amazing!

    1. You are seriously kicking a** and taking names with this new workout plan girlfriend. I am really proud of you. And yes...races with my family are the best!

    2. Thank you! I am really trying! Hopefully soon I will feel like it is showing. But last night was my cheat night and I am feeling so guilty about dinner this morning. Lol. Thank goodness we are going grocery hopping when I get back from the gym and we will stick up on stuff that is good for us and goes along with my diet.

  3. This looks like so much fun! I want to run a race and eat M&M's at the same time!

    1. Anna I think you need to come to Chicago next December and run that 5K with me :-)

  4. SO fun!!! I totally meant to link up today, but I got a new blog layout (woo hoo!) installed, and work was unfortunately nuts and has been consuming my life lately! Next week I will have a atwo week update!!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I LOVE your Santa suits! You and your dad are so cute! I can't wait to be running in Chi-town next year!!!! :-)

    Oh yeah, I linked up again this week! 2 weeks in a row! Except I was a day late....better late than never I guess!

  6. These Santa runs look like so much fun! It is way too hot for that here.

  7. Congratulations on your run! I love your vegan treats, I am having fun experimenting in the kitchen with vegan foods at the moment. xxx

  8. Nice captured , all are looking cool in red costume . seems that you guys enjoyed a lot in your run .

    Daily Fitness


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