Monday, December 3, 2012

Hey, That's Pin-Tastic: Tickets for The Christmas Lights Express!

It's hard to believe that Advent has already started! I swear it was just yesterday that the kids and I sat down to fill out our little Advent Activities Calendar. We have all the usual items on our list like bake Christmas cookies, go see Santa, donate toys to kids at the hospital, watch some Charlie Brown Christmas, and of around in the car at night to look at Christmas lights!!!

Last year, our christmas lights tour was pretty lame. We went too late, Blake fell asleep and Addie wasn't that impressed. But because of the warm weather around here, a lot more people have decorated their homes this year and I was shocked by how many lights were up in our neighborhood alone! I just know that this year's trip is going to be SO MUCH more fun.

And...I am hoping to make the whole experience a little more exciting for them. When I was talking to my friend Michelle about his one day, she sent me a link to this pin on Pinterest.

I LOVE the idea of giving the kids a "ticket" to ride in the car, but sadly...I don't have a minivan so I wanted to name our ride something else. I decided on The Christmas Lights Express and even made a new set of tickets!! And because this link-up is all about can download your own set of  Christmas Lights Express tickets here!

Like I said, I really want to make this trip a little more special, which is why we will have the SUV stocked with hot chocolate and kettle corn :-) I think I may also use this night to give the kids another new set of jammies to lay out with their ticket. 

And if all of you have an Elf in your house, it may be fun to have him/her strapped in the car too!! 

Well thanks for stopping by today!!! I hope these tickets make your Christmas Light exploration a little more fun this holiday!!

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  1. !!!! Stop this right now! I love this!!!

  2. Beyond adorable!!!! I love this, can't wait to see what they think! :)

  3. so great!! this year will be better :) I love the idea of going in their jammies!!


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