Thursday, February 28, 2013

2 Clean Bills of Health

On Monday afternoon, I sat down to write a funny little birthday post for my Dad. I was about 2 sentences in when my mom called and said that Dad had left for Quick Care 4 hours ago and wasn't answering his phone. He had been complaining of bad stomach pain for two days and didn't know what was causing it.

My Mom, full of worry (and a little bit of rage), left for Quick Care to see if my Dad was still there for testing or something. When she got there, the nurse told her they had transferred my Dad to the hospital by ambulance. The only information she had was that they were admitting him on the Heart floor.


Turns out, my Dad's blood pressure was crazy high and because he was also nauseous while he was in the ER, they wanted to make sure his pains weren't heart related. And they weren't....THANK GOD!!!

After a night of testing, they determined that my Dad's stomach pain was caused by a "nasty" gallbladder. So out it came...on his 59th birthday :-)

By the next day, my Dad was all smiles enjoying his first meal in about 3 days.

And then he had a few special visitors for lunch :-)

After keeping both meals down and feeling much better, the hospital released him and Dad was able to sleep in his own bed last night. WHEW!!!!! Thank God for modern medicine.

Obviously, Daddy-O needs a SERIOUS birthday re-do.

Plus, we have another clean bill of health to celebrate!! A few months ago, I posted about how my dermatologist biopsied two abnormal moles (on my back and my leg) and one actually turned out to be skin cancer. The doctor suggested two different forms of treatment for these areas.

The first, larger area (which was not cancer, but could have developed into it) was surgically removed in December and pathology came back with clean margins. WOOHOO!

The second area on my leg, that did turn out to be cancer, was treated with a topical chemo-type cream for 6 weeks. Yesterday was my post treatment follow-up appointment and the dermatologist said that everything looks great!!! The spot is cancer free!!!!!

I am so, so happy I went to get checked in November and even happier that treatment for both areas was successful. I have learned a MAJOR lesson about sun care and I will forever be a supporter of the fake tan :-) I will also be on an every-6-month basis for full body checks to make sure no other spots pop up.

So yeah...LOTS to celebrate around here this week!! Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes for my Dad over the last few days. It has meant so much to us :-)


PS...Thank you all so much for the sweet comments on my last post. I always get scared posting about that sort of thing for fear of offending others, but I think it needed to be said. It felt good getting it off my chest. Thanks for all your support, friends :-)

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  1. Praise The Lord!! So glad to hear that your dad is on the mend. And so glad you are cancer free!!!


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